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201 Unisex Heavy Weight Hoodie is the perfect hoodie for DIY and branding projects. This heavy weight, mid-weight fleece hoodie features a 2 panel classic design with matching drawcord and tear away label. The fabric makeup of this hoodie is 80% cotton, 20% poly ring-spun yarn at 9 oz. Get your hands on this must-have item from Blankstyle.com – the leading supplier for bulk blank apparel - with wholesale pricing or bulk discounts! In addition to convenience in shopping, you have no account necessary to purchase or receive these great discounts when buying in bulk!

Order 6 pieces per size with our minimum order qty policy – meaning when ordering 1 of a size you will receive a package of 6 units – so conveniently stock up on your favorite style today at Blankstyle.com With its classic silhouette and comfortable fit, the 201 Unisex Heavy Weight Hoodie makes it easy to start building your wardrobe collection without going over budget. With plenty of colors available (tie dye not included!), this is also suitable for screen printing and embroidery as well as other customizing techniques like appliqué and embossing creating endless possibilities for fashionistas around the world! Teaming nicely with BL2001 Jogger Pants creates an alluring complete jogger suit that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Q: Where can I buy 201 Unisex Heavy Weight Hoodies?
A: You can shop online at Blankstyle.com - leading supplier for bulk blank apparel offering wholesale pricing or bulk discounts.

Q: What type of fabric does this product use?
A: This heavy weight hoodie uses 80% Cotton, 20% Poly Ring-Spun Yarn at 9 oz fabric..

Q: What are the advantages I get by purchasing in bulk from Blankstyle?
A: No account necessary needed to purchase or receive great discount rates when buying in bulk plus added convenience being able to order 6 pieces per size making stocking up on favorites styles simple and affordable from Blankstyle

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The adult heavyweight hoodie is a classic all around. This super-soft item of blank clothing has a smooth surface that allows for superior printing to allow you to create any custom apparel you may need. Place your order today!

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