Blankstyle Rap from One of our Favorite Customers!

Special Thanks to one of our customers for writing this wonderful rap for us! A special shout out to Mike D and Sean B with HPLHS Inc in Glendale, CA!

“(to the melody and rhythm of Snoop Dog & Dr. Dre’s “Aint Nuthin But A G Thang”) — One, two, three and to the four, fresh Blankstyle order’s knocking on yo door! Ready to make a purchase, so pack on up, cuz you know we’re ’bout to screen it up! Send me da garments quick, so I can bust like a bubble. Glendale and Costa Mesa, now you know you in trouble! ‘Aint nothing but a hoodie thang, baaaaaby… two loced out Brothers, so we craaaaazay! LOVE ME SOME BLANKSTYLE!!! You guys kick it 🙂 Thanks – Mike @ HPLHS, INC.”