The Different Types of T Shirt Necklines

V-neckThere are so many different kinds and combinations of t shirts out there. I recently wrote a blog post on the different types of sleeves you can find on a t shirt. There are also many other aspects of a t shirt, like the neck or t shirt style and fit. Today I will be discussing some of the different necks on t shirts. When purchasing t shirts, the comfort around your neck is very important. Also, for women it’s important to stay within your comfort zone with how deep some necklines can be. Knowing the necklines that are comfortable to you will help you find the perfect one that much faster.

Round Neckline

This type of neckline is the more common on t shirts. This type of neckline should sit right under your neck. Because of wear it sits, this is the most modest type of neckline so a woman doesn’t have to worry about revealing more than she wants. However, be sure that the neck is comfortable as some round necklines can feel tight and restrictive to the wearer.

Collared Neckline

Some t shirts, like the polo shirt, have a collared neckline. This basically means that there is a collar around the neck. Most often I see these with round necklines. Usually if there is a collar on another neckline style it’s a button up shirt, not a t shirt. Be sure that the collar is comfortable, because it will be around and possibly be rubbing against your neck all day.


This style of neckline forms a pointed V shape at the neck, giving it more more space than the round neckline. The size of the V will vary from t shirt to t shirt. Some V-necks are shallow and stay close to the neck, while other Vs can be deep and extend several inches. Though they are available, you rarely see the deep V in men’s shirts, they are primarily a women’s fashion. The deep Vs care often paired with a tank top or Cami for a more modest look.

Scoop Neck

This particular style of neck is mostly used on women’s shirts. I’ve never seen one on a men’s t shirt, if you find one please show me! The shape of this neckline is wide and low, like the round neckline but larger and lower. This style often falls around or just below the wearer’s clavicle. Some shirts may have an exaggerated scoop that can extend to the edge of a women’s shoulder or go down her back. If a scoop goes to low on you, pair it with a Cami to make it more modest, or more towards your comfort zone. Overall this is a very flatter neckline for women.

These are the 4 most basic necklines on a t shirt. Other necklines could be a variation of one of these. If you have a shirt with a mystery neckline or I missed a favorite style of yours let me know!

Until next time.