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In these times where we are facing the COVID-19 Corona Virus, all of us share in experiencing the virus’ drastic effects on our day to day lives. With the high demand for medical care personnel and safety supplies, is it crucial that hospitals, medical facilities and its staff have their everyday essentials ready and available. Blankstyle provides a vast selection of wholesale scrubs, dickies scrubs for men, women and plus size scrubs. Shop Blankstyle for cheap scrub tops as well as Dickies scrub pants ranging in various sizes and color options available. Dickies Medical is at the forefront of medical apparel providing you only the top choice wholesale scrubs for the work that really matters. Because Blankstyle offers everyday wholesale pricing, we do not require you set up an account or provide a resale license, you may simply add dirt cheap scrubs to your shopping cart and check out!

It was not until well into the 20th century that surgeons wore specialized medical garments. Typically, a surgeon would wear either his own everyday attire or a butcher’s apron if he wanted to stay clean of any blood stains while he operated. Fast forward to modern times, where we highly contrast on practices of the past with high emphasis on cleanliness. A clean and sanitary environment is paramount in any hospital or medical facility as to reduce the transmission of infection. These days you’ll find that all nurses, surgeons and medical personnel wear ‘scrubs’ which is how they sterilized themselves immediately before surgery. Blankstyle offers cheap wholesale scrubs with no account needed to order. Shop Blankstyle for Dickies scrubs for men, women and cheap plus size scrubs. We at Blankstyle urge everyone to stay safe, be smart, stay healthy and take care of one another.


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