Tri-Blend, Rayon, Mens

Tri-Blend Tshirts are a very popular choice for a soft vintage long lasting feel. Typicaly tri-blend tees are made up of 1/3 Cotton, 1/3 Rayon and 1/3 Polyester. Different brands alter the fabric blends and the portion of each blend to create softer unique longer lasting garments. Tri-Blends are on the higher end of the cost and quality spectrum and tend hold up through many more washings without losing fit form or feel.

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: Rayon


: Mens
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US777 US Blanks Unisex Henley Baseball Raglan Blue Green
4 Colors
US777 swatch palette
  • $13.62
    Low as
Unisex 4.9 oz. 3/4-Sleeve Triblend Raglan Henley Tri-Grey
2 Colors
777US swatch palette
  • $13.93
    Low as
TR408W Triblend Tank ATHLETIC BLUE
9 Colors
TR408W swatch palette
  • $6.79
    Low as
US655 US Blanks Unisex Tri-Blend Zip Hoodie Tri-Grey
2 Colors
US655 swatch palette
  • $22.85
    Low as