Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap Athletic Oxfrd front view
Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap Athletic Oxfrd front view

Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap SKU: CP94

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Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap is a wholesale blank cap from Port & Company, perfect for DIY projects and branding. This modern looking hat features a tight-knit construction of 100% acrylic fabric that has plenty of stretch for excellent fit and shape retention. The look of the hat is high-end with modest pricing, making it the ideal choice for bulk purchasing. There are no accounts needed to receive discounts on bulk orders when you purchase this cap at BlankStyle.com.

This skullcap features one size fits most sizing due to its snug but comfortable fit that shapes nicely around your head and ears while keeping warmth in place on cooler days or nights out. The Port & Company CP94 also comes with an optional tear away tag for comfort reasons– or if you're unsure which side should be facing outward during wear! Not only does this make it easier to determine which way the hat should be worn, but it also makes styling more versatile as both sides can have distinct designs displayed on them depending on what's desired by whoever wears them!

Q: What kind of fabric is used in the Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap?
A: This skullcap is made up of 100% acrylic fabric, providing plenty of stretch and shape retention while wearing it comfortably over your ears during cold weather conditions.
Q: Is there a discount offered when ordering this item in bulk?
A: Yes! When ordering the Port & Company CP94 Knit Skull Cap in bulk from BlankStyle.com, customers will be eligible for discounted pricing without needing any account setup beforehand!
Q: Does this product come with a tear away tag?
A: Yes - an optional tear away tag comes equipped with each unit so you can easily determine which way to wear your own style without worry about discomfort caused while wearing hats normally tagged incorrectly!

Port & Company CP94 Specs and Measurements

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With plenty of stretch for a great fit and shape retention, this cap has a modern clean look at a modest price. |100% acrylic68/32 polyester/acrylic
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