Sheryl Perkins – An Introduction

Hey there everyone! My name is Sheryl Perkins and I’m the newest blogger for While I may not have a long background in textiles, I’m excited to learn new things, as well as share topics in my background of art and design. I know that many of you probably have your own thoughts and opinions about various apparel, styles, and design and looking forward to hearing from you, maybe with suggestions or thoughts on a topic. But before we get into all of that, let me introduce myself!

The Life I Live

I currently am a resident in the New York City Area, where I have lived for a few years and, so far, never plan to leave. I love the city and all that it has to offer. One of my favorite things to do is visit various art galleries in the city, and there are a lot of them. I also enjoy going into the city with friends and sitting at home reading a book with the only other resident of my small apartment, my cat Albus. Can you guess who he is named after? Haha. Also being a lover of art I have to mention that my favorite art period is the Renaissance, which I know if very stereotypical, but there were so many great artists and art pieces during that time. I actually can’t pick favorites!

My History

After receiving a degree in Art and Design I had started working for a small graphic and printing store. I helped people create logos and designs and even learned about printing the designs on many different things from invitations to t shirts. Now I’m a writer and blogger for, which is a big change for me but I’m excited to be able to continue to learn new things, as well as share all of the new experiences I’m having and new information that I’m learning.

The Blog

Now that I’m apart of the blogging world, I look forward to being able to hear from you, the readers. Please let me know about your interests, your tastes in apparel and design. I’m still learning about the blog but soon I hope to learn how to add photos and videos, so watch for that. Feel free to drop a comment, whether to give feedback or just say hi!

Now let’s get blogging!!