Richardson 112 Hats at Wholesale Prices: Blank or With Logo Embroidery

If you’re looking for custom Richardson 112 hats, look no further! We offer hats that can be embroidered with your company logo or any other design you might want. We also offer Richardson 112 hats in bulk, so if you’re looking for a wholesale order, we can help you out.

Grey Richardson 112 trucker hat with navy mesh back showcasing custom embroidered initials B and S in white thread

If you’re in the custom apparel business, you know that Richardson Hats are some of the best in the industry. The 112 Adjustable Snapback Trucker Cap is a great option for those looking for a branded hat that is both stylish and comfortable. Made from 60% cotton, 40% Polyester, this cap features an adjustable snapback closure and a pre-curved visor. It’s available in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect match for your brand. Best of all, it’s priced competitively for wholesale orders.

Order Richardson 112 hats wholesale with a custom logo or blank and you’ll get a great-looking hat that’s perfect for sports teams, outdoor crews, or anyone who wants a stylish, comfortable hat that fits well. The cotton sweatband and nylon mesh back make it a great option for active people, while the structured, six-panel front with mesh backing ensures a comfortable fit no matter what you’re doing.

Solid color options have matching visor stitching while split and tri-color options feature 8 rows of contrasting stitching on the visor. Richardson 112 hats offer a mid-profile height making them a great fit for most people, and the gently pre-curved visor means that both curved bill devotees and flat bill fans on your team will be well pleased.

Custom charcoal grey Richardson 112 snapback trucker hat with bright pink mesh back embroidered with logo in pink thread spelling the word COOL

Do you have a Richardson 112 hat in your lineup? If not, you’re missing out on one of the bestselling designs in the industry. With a classic trucker style and high-quality construction, the Richardson 112 hats are a must-have for any business looking to outfit their team in style. Choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect match for your brand, and add your custom logo with our embroidery service. Order today and you’ll be able to take advantage of our low wholesale prices.

So what are you waiting for? Your team will love the look and feel of these hats, and you’ll love the fact that they’re affordable, high-quality, and easy to brand with your logo. Contact us today to get started.

Best Shirts for Sublimation

Whether you are starting your small business or attempting a DIY project at home, sublimation is a great option for customizing apparel! Before we go into the best shirts for sublimation let’s first jump into what, exactly, sublimation is and what fabrics work best.

Sublimation Meaning

Sublimation is a print process where the image is printed from a special sublimation printer, onto transfer paper, and then heat pressed into the garment until the ink fully disintegrates and fuses into the fabric. Shirts made from polyester and polyester blends are the best option for sublimation printing because sublimation ink will form the strongest bond with polyester molecules. We understand 100% polyester isn’t the most ideal fabric for comfort or breathability. So, we also recommend blended apparel that contains at least 60% polyester to ensure the ink will bond with the fabric. If you sublimate on a high cotton shirt you will notice very quickly how fast the print washes out and fades.

Alrighty, now that we have you up to speed on how sublimation works. We are excited to go into our best shirts for sublimation.

100% Polyester Shirts for Sublimation by SubliVie

Introducing SubliVie, the best polyester shirts for sublimation on the market! If you’re looking for a shirt that’s specifically designed to be customized with sublimation, this is the garment for you. The 100% polyester fabric is ideal for sublimation, and the variety of styles and sizes including adult, ladies, juniors, youth, and toddler mean there’s an opportunity to customize tees for the whole family. SubliVie shirts are the optimal choice for anyone wanting to create custom apparel with sublimation.

Sublimation on Black Shirts

A common question is “How do I print on dark or black t-shirts?!” To sublimate on black shirts is a process but manageable with the correct tools! We will also be going over the best shirts to bleach for sublimation as well as the bleaching process. 

The best dark or black shirts to sublimate on would be of a blended material such as a 65% Poly 35% Cotton blend or a 50/50 Poly Cotton blend. The purpose of bleaching a shirt for sublimation is so that the image is as vibrant as possible on the garment. The best shirts to bleach MUST HAVE COTTON in the fabric content so the bleach will react and lighten the area you are printing. 

Here are a few of our favorite polyester blend tees to bleach and sublimate.

Tultex Poly-Rich Tees for Sublimation: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Shirts 

Next Level Poly-blend CVC T-Shirts for Sublimating: 60% Polyester 40% Cotton

50/50 Polyester and Cotton Blend Shirts for Sublimation

Here is a great video on the bleaching process as well as the specialty product and tools that you can use to accomplish sublimation on black tees without the bleaching process. Watch below then shop our best shirts for sublimation at!

Sublimation Apparel Printing: The Basics for 2022


Sublimation Apparel printing:

Just when think you’ve covered all your printing bases — screenprinting, DTG — someone asks you about sublimation apparel printing. You might not know what it’s called, but you can’t walk into a retailer without seeing an example of it. It’s a printing method that provides all-over coverage, in full color.

In a nutshell, sublimation printing uses heat to transfer the dyes onto the fabrics. There are two ways to do this: one is to print onto a transfer paper and then transfer the image to the fabric using heat and pressure. The second involves printing the image directly onto the fabric. But either way, you’re looking at transferring the dyes into the polyester molecules using a combination of time, temperature, and pressure. With dye sublimation, the result is a virtually permanent full-color high-resolution print that won’t crack, fade or peel under normal conditions. If you’re looking for color saturation, you’re looking for dye sublimation printing.

Unlike screen printing, where one color is added at a time, with sublimation printing, all colors are printed at the same time so there’s no risk of the colors not lining up or running. And as we may have mentioned, sublimation printing is the only way to go, if you’re trying to get that all-over printed look.

Image above: Epson SureColor® F6070


Offset vs. Digital Sublimation Printing

There are two types of sublimation apparel printing: Offset and Digital. The differences between the two can be simplified to a single word: volume. Offset sublimation requires a pretty hefty investment – the machinery alone can cost up to $1 million and you’re looking to do print runs of between 5,000 – 10,000. So if you don’t have a cool million hanging around, and you’re hoping for a print run under 500 pieces, then you’re looking at digital sublimation, which will give the saturated all-over print look, without having to invest quite as much capital.

Image above: from Epson’s Digital Sublimation fashion show

1910 SubliVie Adult Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt Catalog

Image above: SubliVie 1910 Adult Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt is soft, lightweight, and is quite literally, made for sublimation.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) vs Sublimation

While both DTG and digital sublimation use inkjet printer technology, the processes and results are quite different. The first big difference you’ll notice between DTG and sublimation is going to be your garment choice. DTG is the choice for 100% cotton fabrics, while Sublimation only works on polyester garments (sublimation needs a polymer-based surface). Both processes will work on blended fabrics, but the result will be a little washed out and faded.

But that’s only the beginning. The entire chemistry behind the two processes is different. I’ll spare you the Chem 101, but basically, the DTG process is relying on surface adhesion, while with sublimation, there is actual molecular bonding taking place. (The dye actually begins as gas before becoming a solid!)

Sublimation Apparel Printing Perks


  • You can print a highly detailed photographic image on nearly any polyester fabric.
  • You can print on textiles prior to the assembly of the garment for all-over coverage
  • Many polyester fabrics provide moisture-wicking capabilities making your garment perfect for high-performance sports ware.
  • There is no feel, which makes for a soft hand.
  • Perfect for full-color design on light textiles
  • Extensive color options

L1610 SubliVie Juniors Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt Catalog

Image above: SubliVie L1610 Juniors Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt is perfect for sublimation apparel printing

When you’re ready to take a leap into the world of sublimation apparel printing, check out our sublimation apparel category. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. And we’ll help you get started on your sublimation journey!

Custom Shirt Tags: Creating Your Own Neck Label

You have a brand. You need custom shirt tags. When it comes to creating your own clothing line, finding the right type of tag can be a long process. Adding a personalized printed label on the inside neck of your tees is the hottest trend in retail, and luckily it’s a cheap alternative to sewn-in tags, woven labels, and hang tags! There are many reasons why creating your own custom printed tagless label can be the perfect option for your apparel brand. Removing the original manufacturer tags and replacing them with your own one-color print design is an awesome way to really show up the competition and make your t-shirts look as professional as possible.

custom neck label shirt tags


Why should I print my t shirt label instead of using sewn in woven tags?

Branding your garments will show customers that your line is the real deal, while also providing a more comfortable wear. We’ve all been there—when you’re wearing a new t-shirt for the first time, and next thing you know that itchy, scratchy tag is totally throwing off your whole day! That’s Branded custom neck labelnever the impression you want to make. With a printed label, your customers won’t ever have to fuss and fight. And with a bigger surface area than standard woven tags, you’ll have more freedom to really use the label as branding opportunity. Screen-printed custom shirt tags offer more room for artistic design that will have a presence on the garment—catching the eye of shoppers and leaving an impression about the identity of your brand. Custom garment labels also help to keep your t shirt line cohesive across different items, styles and colors. There’s no better way to legitimize your line and keep up with big brand names than to order your own custom screen printed labels!

What do I need to include on my custom neck label?

Okay, so where do you start? The first thing you’ll want to include in your custom shirt tags is the legally-mandated information regarding country of origin, fabric content, care instructions and size of the blank shirts you’re using. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that this information be included on all clothing before it is sold. Because of this, the shirts that you choose will already have a tag which will need to be removed. Visit the FTC website if you’d like to learn more about these labeling requirements! When choosing your t-shirts, you’ll need to make sure that the shirts have either sewn-in tags or a tear-away tag—not a printed or heat-sealed label. In order to print your label, we’ll need a clean surface!

Example of sewn-in tag residue when adding custom neck labelHow do you remove the existing garment tags?

Removing the manufacturer tags is no problem for us—we offer this service at no additional cost! Tees that feature tear-away or “paper” tags are the best option for achieving the cleanest finish, since these were created especially for this purpose. Brands like Next Level, Delta Apparel, Anvil and Tultex offer various tees with this kind of label—making removal quick and clean.

Sewn-in tags are also easy to remove—we simply snip off the tag as close to the seam as possible. Depending on the type of shirt, some tags are a little more difficult to remove entirely. Small amounts of leftover material, referred to as “residue,” should be expected when looking closely, but generally shouldn’t be visible when the collar is lying flat.

How do I start designing my custom shirt tags?

Once we’ve got the tags removed we’re all set to print your inside neck labels! When designing, there are a few things to consider. In order to create the most lightweight print with a barely-there feel, you’ll want to incorporate a lot of negative space into your design—meaning that you don’t want too many large, filled-in spaces. Think outlines and light fonts. Remember: the Inside Neck Label Custom Shirt Tagmore ink there is in your print, the more you will feel it!  Besides, you don’t want your label to distract from the rest of your shirt!

When it comes to printing dark colors onto light colored tees, it’s possible that your print may show through the back of the shirt a little bit, depending on the weight and fabric content. This is another one of those anomalies that is unfortunately unavoidable with screen printing. Generally speaking, using heavier weight tees and lighter colored ink will help to avoid this. Also, be advised that you’ll be able to feel the print a little more on darker-colored shirts than you will on lighter-colored shirts. This is because 2 layers of ink will be needed when printing onto dark fabric. If you have any concerns, speak with one of our representatives prior to ordering and we can go over t-shirt options!

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What is Screen Printing? What You Need to Know in 2022

What is screen printing? As you might guess, given the obvious hint built into the name, screen printing is a printmaking technique where stencils are laid over a screen. That screen is usually made of cotton, nylon, or metal. The printing ink is then pushed through the screen using a rubber squeegee. That’s the simplified version, but every little step can involve lots of decisions from what ink to use to the best squeegee.

Image above: a screen printing class at the Alexandria Museum of Art

Just a little history
The basic process is thought to have been invented in China and then refined in Japan (makers of good things like karaoke, the novel, and instant ramen). After 1915, when it became possible to photo-screen print (introducing photo stencils), the technique took off in the commercial sector in the United States. Grocery stores and other shops needed quickly produced locally made signs to advertise sales, and screen printers were able to underbid sign painters and win jobs. For years, those screen printing techniques were closely guarded trade secrets. Then in the 1960s, the technique took off in the art world amongst pop artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Richard Hamilton. From there, screen printing entered the mainstream. These days, screen printing has been enthusiastically adopted by the DIY community.  And now that the information for how to set up a screen printing studio is so readily available online – anyone, with an idea,  can screen print.

Image above: DIY Print Shop

Screen printing Setups
One of the reasons that screen printing is so popular is that it is infinitely scalable. You can create a setup for under $40 or spend $40,000. Every setup might be a little different, but the basic elements are a screen, emulsion, artwork, a squeegee, ink, a light source, and a water source. If you’re eager to get your hands dirty, this is a great screen printing guide from one of our favorite reads, LifeHacker. (But if you’d rather us do the dirty work, we’re happy to mess around with the ink for you.)

Image above: jacquard screen printing inks
Decision, Decisions, Decisions aka Screen Printing Ink

The first consideration in design is often the underbase. One of the most important choices in determining how your design turns out, regardless of the ink type is whether or not an underbase is used. Think of an underbase like a primer coat. if you wanted to paint a red wall blue you would first prime the wall with a neutral color like gray or white, You would then paint blue over the primer. If you were to paint blue over the red wall without priming you would end up with a purple not a blue.Underbase

Underbasing in t-shirt printing, much like priming in painting is a great way to ensure your design ends up being the color you intended it to be. An underbase is essentially the entirety of your design printed in neutral ink. In this way regardless of the garment color or makeup the colors in your finished design should remain consistent. This is especially true when printing bright colors over darker colors. This is also true when your intention is to have a consistent-looking design printed on different material makeups and colors. There are a few negatives to consider when choosing to underbase. Because there is an additional underlay or undercoat of ink, the design will feel thicker to the touch. In addition, underbasing requires additional screens adding cost. Printers typically charge around $30 to $40 dollars per screen.

In a nutshell, if you are printing on lighter uniformly colored garments and the most important component of your finished design is its soft feel where color consistency takes a back seat, you should not be underbasing however if you are printing on dark or various colored garments and need a consistent design color where soft feel is the less important of the two, you should be underbasing. Often times printers will help you make this decision based on the garments you’ve chosen and the colors in your design.

Ink types
Once you’ve decided on your shirt (and that’s a whole other conversation), the most important consideration is going to be your ink.

The traditional ink is plastisol ink. This creates a thick print that rests on top of the shirt. Plastisol inks can provide a higher contrast than water-based ink, and if you’d like your fwd_traditional_printingprinted design to appear bright and color accurate, then a plastisol ink can give you that effect. Plastisol ink is a good choice if you’re printing sporting goods, nylon, or dark-colored clothing. Plastisol ink is also the most consistTower-Tee1ent choice when printing the same design on different garment styles and or colors.

If you’re looking to make a super soft shirt then water-based ink is where it’s at. Whereas the plastisol ink rests on top of the shirt, water-based ink is actually directly dying, or in the case of discharge, bleaching the fabric’s fibers, which means that the printed portion of the shirt will remain softer than plastisol the print further softens to almost a no feel with one washing.  An added plus is that water-based ink is eco-friendly. Water-based inks don’t have that same high contrast that plastisol inks have so the effect often feels vintage. Waterbase ink typically work out best when the design has a limited color spectrum as water base inks are not vibrant like plastisol inks. Creative designers typically use the garment color to bring out accents in the design.

But there is a middle ground between plastisol and water-based – soft plastisol or soft-hand plastisol gives you the contrast of a plastisol ink but is much softer than the straight-up plastisol ink. Soft hand plastisol is accomplished by using thinning agents and high mesh count screens minimizing and thinning the amount of ink allowed to pass through the screen to the garment.

But what if you want a more custom look? There are an infinite number of special effects inks. Here are a few of our favorites and the ones that we print with here at

Puff ink is the screen printer’s version of that ‘80s craft favorite – puff paint. Puff ink is created by mixing an additive with the plastisol inks so that your ink will puff up after it dries giving your design a textured effect. (We like to use it to give your designs a faux stitching effect.)

So that’s the quick run-down on what screen printing is and how it’s done. Of course, the more you dig around, the more questions you might have. We’re here to help with any of those.

And if you prefer to get your information the old-fashioned way, here are some great resources:
Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer
Simple Screenprinting: Basic Techniques & Creative Projects
ulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing (great for inspiration)


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What is DTG Printing: When, Why, and How in 2022

What is DTG Printing? Short for Direct-to-Garment, DTG printing is a method of printing designs directly onto t-shirts and textiles using a modified ink printer.

Custom DTG Printing

Brother DTG Printer

Direct to Garment printing is a direct descendant of inkjet printing. That means no screens, no mess, no thick plastisol ink–yet great detail and stunning color possibilities. How it works is a t-shirt is loaded onto the machine, and your design is printed directly onto the shirt using specially formulated water-based inks. The design is then heat set using either a heat press or a tunnel dryer. In the same way that your inkjet printer can print extremely detailed images, a DTG printer is able to produce photo-quality images on shirts that still have a soft feel.

Custom DTG Printing

No color limitations with DTG Printing means you can print what you want without the price going up. Photo courtesy of Behind the Blank

Sounds great, right? Well, Direct to Garment printing does have its limitations. Specialized ink means it’ll end up costing a little more. It’s also a lot slower than screen printing (think of standing in front of an inkjet printer and waiting for a piece of paper to come out), so labor costs are higher as well. And the printable area is a little smaller, too.

So with so many factors to consider, the real question is when to use Direct to Garment and when to screen print. The basic formula is if you’re printing a multi-colored and detailed design with less than 50 shirts, Direct to Garment is the more efficient and cost-effective choice. Once you start hitting quantities over 50, then screen printing becomes the faster and cheaper option. DTG is also the go-to option if you’re looking to print a photo-realistic image.

Custom DTG Printing

Print your illustrations right onto a shirt with DTG Printing

When printing DTG, the fabric content of the garment is by far going to be the main factor to consider when choosing which shirts to use. Lots of printers insist on going with only 100% cotton (like the Cotton Heritage MC1040 and the gildan 5000 ). We recommend going a step further and choosing ringspun cotton (like the Next Level 3600 or Tultex 290), which is much softer and smoother–and thus prints better. You could also choose an organic cotton shirt, which is great for marketing.

In general, screen printing is going to be a better choice for blended t-shirts if you’re looking for vibrant colors. This is because DTG Inks are best absorbed by 100% cotton, and the color won’t take as well to man-made fibers. However, if you’re looking for more of a subdued print with vintage-style faded colors, DTG could be the perfect choice for your design. White blended shirts print very well, but if you’re using anything other than that we suggest consulting with one of our print reps to be sure there won’t be any issues.

Next step–generating your custom DTG print is your one-stop shop for all of your blank and printed apparel needs!

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Made in USA T-Shirts

If you’re looking for made in USA t-shirts, look no further than where our selections come to focus, combining amazing quality with a more local approach to manufacturing and development. Although making shirts in the USA may be more expensive than elsewhere in the globe, it helps make a product that’s a little bit more special.

With our wide range and catalog of global products, however, it might be a little tough to find that product for you, made in the USA. Fortunately, Blankstyle is proud to provide an entire list of our USA-made garments, available at

USA Made Tees at wholesale prices

Our USA-made t-shirts are capped off with six of the top brands out there:

  1. US Blanks
  2. Bayside Apparel
  3. Union Made
  4. Los Angeles Apparel
  5. American Apparel (USA Made)
  6. Bella + Canvas

Each of these brands are made entirely within the US, of the best materials. Starting with US Blanks, these are custom-made blank tees, jackets, and more – all made within the USA of local materials.

Bayside Apparel is another USA made brand, producing high-quality wear at some of the most competitive prices. From V-necks, tank tops, and t-shirts to scoop neck tees and yoga pants, Bayside is a great option for made in US tees.

Up next are Union Made products, two 10+ colored short sleeve shirts and a top selling long sleeve shirt. Union Made is, of course, yet another USA made t-shirt line, bolstered by a wide range of colored options and quality materials to boot.

Fourth is Los Angeles Apparel – it’s one of the trendiest blank t-shirt lines, thanks in part to a split from the American Apparel bankruptcy. LA Apparel is a wholesale brand, but much more specialized and focused on cutting-edge, Los Angeles-produced clothing. As a quick note, however, it’s important to know that Los Angeles Apparel will not be restocked due to changes in distribution.

Currently, that means that Los Angeles Apparel 20001 is no longer available; this is a popular option, so note that we have comparable options for those interested, including the American Apparel 2001 and Bella Canvas 3001U.

Nonetheless, that leads to the next brand: American Apparel. Although the brand has come to include both globally sourced and American-made products, there is a select portion of the line that provides exclusively USA made tees. Of course, while your interest may be in the Made in USA t-shirts section, it’s important to note that all these tees are WRAP certified, meaning the line’s facilities are exceeding international responsibility standards. For globally sourced items, that means they’re produced responsibly, safely, and efficiently, leaving no room for errors, or taking advantage of facilities.

Still, American Apparel products are separated by a different SKU. Although the quality and responsibility behind the manufacturing process are equal, you can find USA made American Apparel products by their non-W ending SKUs. 

International products have a W at the end of their SKU, meaning you should be able to tell the difference quickly. When it comes to the differences between the products, the big one is price – world made products are more affordable, although with similar quality and materials, specifically being made WRAP certifiable.

Lastly are Bella + Canvas; although primarily a United States company, this brand does deal a bit further outside its base in Los Angeles. All of its cutting and most of its dying takes place in the US, although the sewing happens primarily in WRAP facilities outside of the United States. These WRAP facilities are most times based in Latin America or South America, with the rest of the operations happening in USA-based facilities.

Importantly, nonetheless, there are a few options that are made entirely in the USA for Bella + Canvas branded products. The big one is the Canvas 3001U t-shirt, which is cut, dyed, and sewn in the USA, making for an entirely USA-made t-shirt option for those that want to be sure they know every part of the process.

USA Cotton T Shirts

On top of products made within the USA, Blankstyle is happy to offer a wide range of products that are made with sustainably sourced and US-grown cotton. Our top four products here fall into Shaka Wear, Comfort Colors, Gildan, and Hanes, with the SHMHSS, 1717, 64000, and 5280, respectively.

Although these products are made internationally in WRAP certified facilities, they’re manufactured using sustainably sourced cotton from the States, making for the only difference being the location in which the clothing is constructed.

Specialty Made in USA T-Shirts from More Wholesale Brands

Similarly, the Port & Company USA100 and Delta 1730U aren’t part of an entire brand made within the United States. In addition to the Bella + Canvas 3001U, these products are specifically chosen to be made entirely within the USA, different from the standard locations for the brands.

Port & Company USA100

All in all, Blankstyle is proud to offer an incredibly competitive and strong variety of brands made in the USA and made responsibly, internationally. Our primary focus is offering the clothing and products you want at a price point you’d also want, which is why we’re so happy to be able to offer quality local products as we do. 

Best Soft T-Shirts for Women

Are you on the hunt for the best soft t-shirts for women? Look no further, Blankstyle has got you covered. The soft tri-blend tees made of cotton, rayon, and polyester are the perfect option for printing vintage-looking designs, the combed ringspun cotton tees are spun to perfection, and our CVC tees are super soft and strong. 

Your products represent your business; give your tees the professional yet stylish look they deserve by using materials your female customers will love. Read on below to learn about the best and softest t-shirts for you!

Soft Shirt Material Options

We offer tri-blend, combed ringspun cotton, and CVC (Chief Value cotton) to sell you the best quality shirts for your business. The materials used for t-shirts have been chosen for their softness, durability, lightness, comfortability, and stretchiness that will be worn repeatedly. 

What is Combed Ringspun Cotton?

A smooth, soft, and strong material, combed ringspun cotton is a fabric perfect for women’s tees. This cotton has been spun several times to make each fiber stronger and softer. Then, the cotton is combed through to further clean it and improve the quality of the fabric.

Singles are a term that is used to describe how thick the yarn is. The higher the number of singles, the better. Most cheaper tees on the market are made with 18 singles- we sell our super soft t-shirts with 32 singles! 

These soft cotton t shirts including Next Level 3900 made with 32 singles, are super soft, stylish, and comfy tees!

What is CVC fabric?

Chief value cotton (CVC) is a cotton and polyester blend with a higher percentage of cotton, typically around 60%. It is used to ensure an affordable option that still offers breathability and softness. In addition, it is an easy fabric to print on, making it a fantastic option for your business. 

The Bella+Canvas 6400CVC is a relaxed-fit women’s tee that combines polyester and cotton material to create a stylish top for advertising your logo.

What is a triblend shirt?

Made of rayon, cotton, and polyester, the tri-blend material found in the soft tees we sell is a powerhouse of fabric that blends together to make the perfect t-shirt. 

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. The fabric is soft, comfortable, wrinkle-free, and stays cool during hot summer days. Best of all, rayon gives a silky and luxurious appearance. 

We have tri-blend t-shirts such as the Next Level 6760 that use this special blend of fabric to make a loose and comfortable top with a luxurious look. 

Buy Soft T-Shirts for Women at Wholesale Prices

Blankstyle’s soft t shirts for women can be purchased by anyone — no business license necessary! We encourage small businesses to thrive by offering wholesale pricing with no minim order requirements. Have a lot of orders to fill? Blankstyle also offers competitive pricing for bulk orders; the more you buy, the more you save! 

Grow your business space by selling some super soft, comfortable, and in-style t-shirts for women. By shopping with us, you can be sure that your shirt will be worn again and again. 

Red White Blue Shirts, Wholesale Prices, No Minimum Order Necessary

Looking for red white blue shirts wholesale this July 4th? If you have retail customers, or you’re a business that needs wholesale apparel options for patriotic holidays and events, check out our featured patriotic shirts and hoodies.

There are several patriotic clothing pieces for women, men, kids, and babies. And there are no minimum order quantity requirements. 

So whether you need a classic, patriotic flag top or a unique red white blue tie dye shirt, for a family, church, school, or small business, we’ve got something for you.

Stars and Stripes American Flag Hoodies

These J-America Triblend J8871 hoodies are perfect for windy July 4th beach nights.  They feature classic pockets and drawcords. These are also available in two patriotic options: black stars & stripes or traditional red, white, and blue.

J America Adult Triblend Hooded Fleece
JA8871 – Black Stars & Stripes
J America Adult Triblend Hooded Fleece
JA8871 – Traditional Stars & Stripes

Fun Red White and Blue Tie Dye Shirts

These tie-dye shirts offer a creative, colorful, and fun approach to the July 4th holiday. Kids will love running around in Tie-Dye H1000B in “Flag.” 

For adults, we have Tie-Dye H1000 in “Firecracker” and “Independence.” These are reactive-dyed and feature a unique spiral pattern.

All 3 red white and blue tie dye shirts come in 100% ComfortSoft cotton.

red white and blue tie dye shirt
Tie-Dye Independence
H1000 Adult
H1000B Youth
red white blue tie dye shirt
Tie-Dye Firecracker
H1000 Adult
H100B Youth

Stylish Red White Blue Shirts Wholesale for Men and Women

These tops offer style-conscious cuts in celebratory star patterns and American flag colors.

Ladies can choose from the Alternative Apparel AA1927P printed razor tank in “True Red Stars” and layer it with a lightweight zip hoodie. The Alternative Apparel eco-fleece 9573 hoodie in “Stars” is perfect for the occasion.

If you’re looking for men’s red white and blue shirts wholesale, the Alternative Apparel AA2089 baseball shirt is a great choice.

Baseball T-Shirts for Men and Women

Baseball is one of America’s most enduring pastimes, and these popular baseball tees in bright, patriotic colors are a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Bella+Canvas 320 for men and the ribbed Bella+Canvas 2000 for women are great options for red white and blue shirts wholesale.

Matching Football T-Shirts for the Whole Family (Even the baby!)

Football tees are another American staple that would be perfect for summer lounging, fireworks watching, catching fireflies, and family photos. 

For men, we have the LAT 6937 finespun cotton tee. Women will enjoy the cute LAT 3537 in a contoured fit.

For older kids, we have the red LAT 6137 while this adorable Rabbit Skins 3037 is for toddlers. Finally, we even have babies and infants covered with the Rabbit Skins 4437 onesie in a football tee style.

We offer red white blue shirts wholesale to US-based custom apparel, screenprinting, and embroidery businesses. We are also open to the public! Individuals shopping for their families or respective groups are able to buy without a business account. Be ready for July 4th with American flag hoodies plus women’s and men’s red, white, and blue shirts.

Premium Hoodies: Cozy Canvases for Yuiitsu Dye Shop

Kate Ackerman came to Blankstyle in search of premium hoodies and sweatshirts to tie-dye. You can find her ice-dyed fleece sets in her Etsy store, Yuiitsu Dye Shop, where she’s been selling her hand-dyed apparel, accessories, and home goods since opening her shop in 2015. Up until 2013, however, Kate had never dyed anything more than a t-shirt in her backyard! It wasn’t until then when she accepted an internship at a hand-dyeing company based in Brooklyn, that her interest was piqued.

“This company was using different methods than I was used to.
I became obsessed with hand dyeing and did it constantly.
I eventually decided to open my own company so I could take more creative direction.”

Choosing the right clothes to tie dye & finding the perfect premium hoodie

Ice Dye process and result by Yuiitsu Dye Shop

Since the beginning of the pandemic, which led many of us to spend most of 2020 at home, Kate has added more loungewear to her hand-dyed apparel collection. She’s really loved making ice-dyed hoodies and sweatshirt sets.

“Right now we are really enjoying the Cotton Heritage M2580 Premium Pullover Hoodie.
We like how thick the hoodie is, the wide drawstrings, and the big kangaroo pocket.”

When looking for clothes to tie dye, Kate chooses fabrics primarily made with natural fibers including alpaca, silk, bamboo, linen, and of course, cotton.

Cotton Heritage joggers and premium hoodies are a great option for tie-dye. The 65% cotton/35% polyester fabric is soft-washed for exceptional coziness, but the 100% cotton-face yarn takes dye extremely well.

Ice dye tie-dyed premium hoodie by Yuiitsu Dye Shop - Cotton Heritage Premium Pullover Hoodie M2580 ready for tie dye
Ice dye tie-dyed premium jogger by Yuiitsu Dye Shop - Cotton Heritage Premium Jogger M7580 ready for tie dye

Buy white clothes for tie dye at – wholesale pricing with no minimums!

We love working with small businesses and understand that not everyone is able to buy blanks by the dozen. That’s why Blankstyle has no minimum order requirements. Instead, we offer bulk pricing based on how much you spend instead of how many you buy. Bulk savings kicks in when your shopping cart reaches $100, no matter what or how many items you’re buying. 

“I like using Blankstyle because they have […] flexibility with how many units you can buy- which helps me because I am a small batch company.”

Show Kate & Yuiitsu Dye Shop some love!

Kate Ackerman wearing industrial safety mask and fashion sunglasses as a protective measure while hand dyeing apparel for her Etsy shop, Yuiitsu Dye Shop

Yuiitsu Dye Shop is a woman-owned company that also cares deeply about the environment. They use organic products, upcycled garments, and have adopted sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Use coupon code YUIITSUNEWBIE to receive 20% OFF your first order!

Etsy Shop: Yuiitsu Dye Shop
Instagram: @YuiitsuDyeShop