Best Soft T-Shirts for Women

Are you on the hunt for the best soft t-shirts for women? Look no further, Blankstyle has got you covered. The soft tri-blend tees made of cotton, rayon, and polyester are the perfect option for printing vintage-looking designs, the combed ringspun cotton tees are spun to perfection, and our CVC tees are super soft and strong. 

Your products represent your business; give your tees the professional yet stylish look they deserve by using materials your female customers will love. Read on below to learn about the best and softest t-shirts for you!

Soft Shirt Material Options

We offer tri-blend, combed ringspun cotton, and CVC (Chief Value cotton) to sell you the best quality shirts for your business. The materials used for t-shirts have been chosen for their softness, durability, lightness, comfortability, and stretchiness that will be worn repeatedly. 

What is Combed Ringspun Cotton?

A smooth, soft, and strong material, combed ringspun cotton is a fabric perfect for women’s tees. This cotton has been spun several times to make each fiber stronger and softer. Then, the cotton is combed through to further clean it and improve the quality of the fabric.

Singles are a term that is used to describe how thick the yarn is. The higher the number of singles, the better. Most cheaper tees on the market are made with 18 singles- we sell our super soft t-shirts with 32 singles! 

These soft cotton t shirts including Next Level 3900 made with 32 singles, are super soft, stylish, and comfy tees!

What is CVC fabric?

Chief value cotton (CVC) is a cotton and polyester blend with a higher percentage of cotton, typically around 60%. It is used to ensure an affordable option that still offers breathability and softness. In addition, it is an easy fabric to print on, making it a fantastic option for your business. 

The Bella+Canvas 6400CVC is a relaxed-fit women’s tee that combines polyester and cotton material to create a stylish top for advertising your logo.

What is a triblend shirt?

Made of rayon, cotton, and polyester, the tri-blend material found in the soft tees we sell is a powerhouse of fabric that blends together to make the perfect t-shirt. 

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. The fabric is soft, comfortable, wrinkle-free, and stays cool during hot summer days. Best of all, rayon gives a silky and luxurious appearance. 

We have tri-blend t-shirts such as the Next Level 6760 that use this special blend of fabric to make a loose and comfortable top with a luxurious look. 

Buy Soft T-Shirts for Women at Wholesale Prices

Blankstyle’s soft t shirts for women can be purchased by anyone — no business license necessary! We encourage small businesses to thrive by offering wholesale pricing with no minim order requirements. Have a lot of orders to fill? Blankstyle also offers competitive pricing for bulk orders; the more you buy, the more you save! 

Grow your business space by selling some super soft, comfortable, and in-style t-shirts for women. By shopping with us, you can be sure that your shirt will be worn again and again.