Made in USA T-Shirts

If you’re looking for made in USA t-shirts, look no further than where our selections come to focus, combining amazing quality with a more local approach to manufacturing and development. Although making shirts in the USA may be more expensive than elsewhere in the globe, it helps make a product that’s a little bit more special.

With our wide range and catalog of global products, however, it might be a little tough to find that product for you, made in the USA. Fortunately, Blankstyle is proud to provide an entire list of our USA-made garments, available at

USA Made Tees at wholesale prices

Our USA-made t-shirts are capped off with six of the top brands out there:

  1. US Blanks
  2. Bayside Apparel
  3. Union Made
  4. Los Angeles Apparel
  5. American Apparel (USA Made)
  6. Bella + Canvas

Each of these brands are made entirely within the US, of the best materials. Starting with US Blanks, these are custom-made blank tees, jackets, and more – all made within the USA of local materials.

Bayside Apparel is another USA made brand, producing high-quality wear at some of the most competitive prices. From V-necks, tank tops, and t-shirts to scoop neck tees and yoga pants, Bayside is a great option for made in US tees.

Up next are Union Made products, two 10+ colored short sleeve shirts and a top selling long sleeve shirt. Union Made is, of course, yet another USA made t-shirt line, bolstered by a wide range of colored options and quality materials to boot.

Fourth is Los Angeles Apparel – it’s one of the trendiest blank t-shirt lines, thanks in part to a split from the American Apparel bankruptcy. LA Apparel is a wholesale brand, but much more specialized and focused on cutting-edge, Los Angeles-produced clothing. As a quick note, however, it’s important to know that Los Angeles Apparel will not be restocked due to changes in distribution.

Currently, that means that Los Angeles Apparel 20001 is no longer available; this is a popular option, so note that we have comparable options for those interested, including the American Apparel 2001 and Bella Canvas 3001U.

Nonetheless, that leads to the next brand: American Apparel. Although the brand has come to include both globally sourced and American-made products, there is a select portion of the line that provides exclusively USA made tees. Of course, while your interest may be in the Made in USA t-shirts section, it’s important to note that all these tees are WRAP certified, meaning the line’s facilities are exceeding international responsibility standards. For globally sourced items, that means they’re produced responsibly, safely, and efficiently, leaving no room for errors, or taking advantage of facilities.

Still, American Apparel products are separated by a different SKU. Although the quality and responsibility behind the manufacturing process are equal, you can find USA made American Apparel products by their non-W ending SKUs. 

International products have a W at the end of their SKU, meaning you should be able to tell the difference quickly. When it comes to the differences between the products, the big one is price – world made products are more affordable, although with similar quality and materials, specifically being made WRAP certifiable.

Lastly are Bella + Canvas; although primarily a United States company, this brand does deal a bit further outside its base in Los Angeles. All of its cutting and most of its dying takes place in the US, although the sewing happens primarily in WRAP facilities outside of the United States. These WRAP facilities are most times based in Latin America or South America, with the rest of the operations happening in USA-based facilities.

Importantly, nonetheless, there are a few options that are made entirely in the USA for Bella + Canvas branded products. The big one is the Canvas 3001U t-shirt, which is cut, dyed, and sewn in the USA, making for an entirely USA-made t-shirt option for those that want to be sure they know every part of the process.

USA Cotton T Shirts

On top of products made within the USA, Blankstyle is happy to offer a wide range of products that are made with sustainably sourced and US-grown cotton. Our top four products here fall into Shaka Wear, Comfort Colors, Gildan, and Hanes, with the SHMHSS, 1717, 64000, and 5280, respectively.

Although these products are made internationally in WRAP certified facilities, they’re manufactured using sustainably sourced cotton from the States, making for the only difference being the location in which the clothing is constructed.

Specialty Made in USA T-Shirts from More Wholesale Brands

Similarly, the Port & Company USA100 and Delta 1730U aren’t part of an entire brand made within the United States. In addition to the Bella + Canvas 3001U, these products are specifically chosen to be made entirely within the USA, different from the standard locations for the brands.

Port & Company USA100

All in all, Blankstyle is proud to offer an incredibly competitive and strong variety of brands made in the USA and made responsibly, internationally. Our primary focus is offering the clothing and products you want at a price point you’d also want, which is why we’re so happy to be able to offer quality local products as we do.