One Ink, One Print, Three Different Shirts

These three shirts feature the same water-based ink with a discharge undercoat.

What you would want to notice is the three different variations of shirts used for the same ink. The left most shirt is a 100% combed ringspun cotton t-shirt, similar to a 2001 American Apparel tee shirt. Notice how the colors seem to appear more vintage, faded out.

Now the same print is on the middle shirt which features a 100% Preshrunk HeavyWeight Cotton. Notice the vibrant color of the red shirt allows the print to stand out more and give the ink a more prominent look.

The third shirt features a heathered 65% polyester, 35% cotton red. Notice the tones are heavily faded out, you get a more vintage feel, and it definitely looks more translucent than the rest.

Considering the materials of your garments will help you decide how the outcome of your product. Whether you require an opaque look, or a relatively translucent look, these considerations are key in the design process prior to printing.

Testimonial: Hollywood Hamilton Clothing

Major ups to George Hamilton with Hollywood Hamilton Clothing for his release of the summer tank tops for his flagship line! We’re happy to help you begin your summer collection and hope to continue business with you soon! Check out some of the Hollywood Hamilton Line!

Check out his website here:!shop/vstc1=mens-v-necks

Introducing: DELTA APPAREL

About Delta Apparel

Established in 1903, Delta Apparel is a top quality competitor in creating blank t-shirts for normal wear and screen printing. Specializing in 100% cotton fabrics, Delta features an extensive color palette for youth and adults. Apart of their commitment to global sustainability, they also offer products that are made from recycled polyester.

We here at Blankstyle, are proud to introduce Delta Apparel into our family of products because of their great fabrics, stylish design, and dedication to quality.

Testimonial: GO(O)D LIFE

Screenprinting Testimonials

Congratulations to Katy and William from GO(O)D Life for their successful launch! They started with an idea and we were able to help them envision it all the way through. Here are some words from the GO(O)D Life themselves:

“Yes thanks guys!  We just got them!  They look great….we are so so glad to have received them today!  Thanks for the speediness and the great quality blankstyle guys, you are the best.”
We here at Blankstyle would like to thank Katy and William for allowing us to be apart of their brand! We are excited for all your future endeavors!