How white clothes for tie dye turned a quarantine hobby into a legit side hustle

Like many of us, Lisa picked up a new hobby while stuck at home during the pandemic. With white clothes for tie dye from Blankstyle, she made herself a DIY tie dye matching sweatsuit as a way to satisfy her creative itch then soon found herself getting requests for tie dye clothing sets from friends and family. Just a few months later, Lisa opened her Etsy shop, TheTIEDYELounge, to offer her creations to the rest of the world.

Getting into the business of tie dye clothing sets

A Philadelphia native now living in the Washington DC area, Lisa is a lover of all things fashion and style. She has found herself consistently involved with something creative since childhood and throughout her career in fashion and retail. So, it makes sense that she’d find herself running an Etsy shop selling trendy, hand-dyed, custom tie dye shirts and pants.

Achieve this look with the
Bella+Canvas 7502 Cropped Hoodie

“I love anything with a streetwear vibe, mixing skirts with sneakers is my favorite go-to look”

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about clothes, style. I’ve ALWAYS infused my personal style & twist on THE LATEST TRENDS.”

On deciding what to tie dye

The possibilities are endless when it comes to things you can tie dye, so how did Lisa narrow it down? Like just about everyone during the pandemic, she found herself spending a lot of time at home in comfortable clothing and decided to roll with that.

“I wanted to stay focused on loungewear as that’s what most people were wearing while at home, but wanted to infuse a stylish element to your regular everyday sweats. Ones that you could actually look cool in and wear out in public.

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On finding the perfect white clothes for tie dye

Lisa tells us that she was on the hunt for the best quality, fashion-forward, soft & cozy, blank apparel brands out there. After endless hours of searching the internet for the perfect pair of fleece joggers, she came across Blankstyle.

“I discovered you had the best brands with the softest, coziest fabrics out there that I knew I could stand behind because I loved them and wanted to make sure I was choosing the best products that would make my customers feel good.”

Lisa’s favorite garments to tie dye? Joggers and sweatshirts from Cotton Heritage!
“My customers love how they are the softest, coziest & the dye takes so well.”

Woman wearing DIY tie dye matching sweatsuit in sunglasses and sneakers on tennis court
Get the look to DIY:
Independent Trading Co IND4000 & IND20PNT
Woman wearing DIY tie dye matching sweatsuit in sunglasses and sneakers on sidewalk
Get the look to DIY:
Cotton Heritage M2480 & M7580

“Blankstyle has a great selection, offering items hard to find anywhere else. Customer service is stellar & the website is so easy to navigate.”

Woman wearing sunglasses, leather jacket, yellow sneakers, and pink tie dye joggers standing on tennis court with hands in pockets

Ready to DIY your own tie dye matching sweatsuit?

Browse the Blankstyle stock of white clothes for tie dye. Once you find a style you like, be sure to buy extras for your friends and family because they’re sure to want their own!

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Etsy Shop: TheTIEDYELounge
Instagram: @thetiedye_lounge

Direct to garment, straight from Bryson’s brain and onto custom shirts

Alabama artist Bryson Thurston was kicked out of his high school art class. Now he’s a self-made, full-time artist, known for his bright, poppy colors, whimsical characters, and uplifting spiritual themes. Bryson has been using for a little over a year now, printing his colorful illustrations onto equally colorful hoodies and sweatshirts with direct to garment (DTG) printing.

Artist Bryson Thurston surrounded on a river bank by his whimsical art

“I love seeing people wearing my designs and the reactions they get! 

I use my custom printed shirts to promote my art and people just love wearing it! It makes people so happy!”

What is direct to garment shirt printing vs screen printing?

You probably already know the basic idea behind screen printing. Simply put, a design is added to a garment in layers using a separate screen for each color in the design. But, when producing designs with many colors, more layers/screens are needed. When more screens are needed, the production cost increases.

In contrast, DTG works much like your at-home printer, printing the complete design in one pass. Because of this one-step process, DTG t shirt printing can be more cost-effective for our customers like Bryson who want to create apparel with very colorful designs.

Artist Bryson Thurston wearing his art as Direct to Garment print on Cotton Heritage MC1082 Vintage White T Shirt
Artist Bryson Thurston wearing his art as Direct to Garment print on Champion T137 Raglan Baseball Tee

(Bryson is wearing Cotton Heritage MC1082 and Champion T137 above.)

We’re all here for a short time yet we can plant so many seeds in our lifetime.

I use my art to plant seeds of joy, love, healing, and hope, among many others! Those seeds have the potential to grow into something far more beautiful than we ever imagined!

Bryson’s favorites for custom printed sweatshirts?

“I really like the brands Cotton Heritage and Independent Trading Co. They’re both of superb quality and worth every penny.”

Bryson used direct to garment printing on the Cotton Heritage U2690 hoodie and the Independent Trading Co PRM3500 crewneck sweatshirt, both shown here.

Artist Bryson Thurston wearing his art as Direct to Garment print on Cotton Heritage U2690 Sponge Fleece Hoodie
Man on bike wearing beanie and Bryson Thurston art as Direct to Garment print on Independent Trading Co PRM3500 Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Is direct to garment printing right for you?

DTG printing is great for large designs with many colors and is great for printing photographic images onto apparel. However, it’s not without its limitations. Most importantly, DTG must be used with 100% cotton or 100% cotton-faced fabric. Because the ink used is water-based, it cannot adhere to unnatural fibers like polyester.

Which is better, DTG or screen printing?

Learn more about the pros and cons of both printing options HERE. Still have questions? Reach us via chat or by calling 866-792-5265. Our team is available to answer any of your custom printing questions!

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Custom screen print shirts for Canadian wellness company WETREAT

If you are on the fence about buying custom screen print shirts for your business then read on! The Blankstyle team reached out to WETREAT to learn more about what they do and how they use custom screen printing to enhance their business & build a sense of community. 

Tell us about your business! What is WETREAT?

“WETREAT is a Quebec company that organizes yoga, fitness, and wellness retreats. Through immersive experiences in nature, we want to allow participants to break away from everyday life, to facilitate the work of insight and connection to oneself. In effect, it is a perfect getaway where you explore and discover your full physical and mental potential through the practice of yoga, training, and introspection.

Two athletic women in hoodies wearing WETREAT custom screen print shirts by

What made you decide on for your custom printed sweatshirts?

We wanted to create a product collection that people could buy at retreats as souvenirs and, above all, create a sense of belonging to our business. BLANKSTYLE really has a great variety of products in addition to a simple and efficient service. We quickly found the perfect hoodie and crew neck for our community.

Man wearing custom crewneck sweatshirt from that says "We flow. We Sweat. We grow." by WETREAT

What would you say to other business owners considering for custom design sweatshirts?

“We really had a great experience working with Blankstyle. Their online system is user-friendly and the delivery was fast. Additionally, we really love our custom printed hoodies and custom crewneck sweatshirts – they are sooo soft and comfy!! Anyone who tries them buys one.”

Closeup of woman wearing customized Bella + Canvas 3901 cropped hoodie from that says "We flow. We Sweat. We grow." by WETREAT
Rear view of man wearing custom printed crewneck sweatshirt with WETREAT logo by

(WETREAT loves the Bella+Canvas 3901 for their custom crewneck designs and the Bella+Canvas 7502 for their custom hoodie design.)

Now that you’ve started your business it’s time to build a community around it.

Custom screen print shirts are a great way to build awareness around your brand. Furthermore, they build a sense of belonging to your client base. When your customers buy your high-quality branded apparel, you get free advertising every time they wear it. Not only that, but you also earn money off of it! It’s a double-win.

Ready to custom screen print shirts for your business?

Generate an instant quote today! Just add items to your shopping cart, then click “Add a Decoration” and follow the steps.

Still have questions? Reach us via chat or by calling 866-792-5265. Our production team is ready to help you emphasize your brand with custom apparel!

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