The Different T Shirt Sleeve Styles

womens t shirtWhen you go to a store or a website and look at the t shirts, there are so many different kinds! There are plain t shirts, polo shirts, short sleeve, sleeveless and many, many more! With all of the different types and styles of T Shirts, there is a lot to cover, so today I’m just going to look at the sleeves. While most of the sleeve styles I will discuss are just a variation on lengths, some are completely different styles, giving some new life to the basic t shirt.

Short Sleeve – This is the most common type of t shirt sleeve. Generally it covers about half of the upper arm, but not always. There will always be variations from brand to brand, shirt to shirt. The sleeves can be loose or more fitted. You typically find more fitted sleeves on women’s shirts, but not always.

Cap Sleeve – This type of sleeve covers the top of a shoulder but doesn’t extend under or around the wearer’s arm, and is also only available in ladies fashion. The cap sleeve can be puffy or exaggerated and are usually paired with a fitted t shirt. All of these traits give these t shirts a more feminine look.

¾ sleeve – This is another style that is mostly used in women’s fashion. This sleeve length usually extends to just below the elbow, though this can vary slightly. While typically fitted, loose ¾ sleeves are gaining popularity.

Dolman Sleeve – Also known as the batwing sleeve, this style is a variation of the ¾ sleeve. The sleeves are loose and flowing at the upper arm, but then is snug around the elbow. This style is great for layering with other shorter sleeve shirts, making it a great style to wear when the weather starts to cool down.

Raglan Sleeve – This style is similar to a short sleeve in length but the sleeve is attached on a diagonal versus straight up and down on a typical t shirt. This style is used in most baseball uniforms, which is why shirts with a raglan sleeve are usually called baseball t shirts. This more sporty style is available for men and women.

Long Sleeve – Long sleeves reach all the way down to the wrist of the wearer. The sleeves can end in a cuff, which is tight around the wrist, or just have a loose open wrist. Women’s long sleeve t shirts may bell out at the wrists and often do not have a cuff.

Sleeveless – I realize this this is technically a tank top, especially in women’s fashion, but there are some styles that look like a t shirt with the sleeves cut off. A muscle tee is an example of this. But since it is still considered a variety of t shirt I will discuss it. Sleeveless t shirts (tank tops) leave the should bare and have straps that go over the shoulders. These straps vary in width, from very thin to almost covering the top of the shoulder. Men have the basic muscle tee, where there is a large variety is styles for women.

I hope that this post has been useful in learning more about the different styles of sleeves available for your t shirts. Until next time!

7 Essential Pieces of Clothing Every Guy Needs in Their Closets

Recently, I posted 7 Essential Clothing Pieces Every Girl Needs in Their Closet. This week I’m looking at the seven items that guys need in their closet. This is for guys who want to start building a professional, grown-up wardrobe, or maybe you wardrobe is in need of some updating. Here are the first things you should look at.

mens closet

1) Khaki Trousers

Khaki pants are great for day to day, both for work and a more casual setting. Wear with a nice dress shirt, or maybe a shirt and nice v-neck sweater. I even read somewhere that you can sleep in them, so I guess that means they are super comfy for your day to day life. Try to avoid pleats with these, you want a flat front pant. I also read that if you don’t want khakis, then Chino pants make a good alternative as an essential piece in your closet.

2) Dress Shirt

A dress shirt will be an important part of your wardrobe. Pair it up with a suit or just suit pants and it’s appropriate for work or an event, or you can wear it with jeans for a more casual look. I would suggest getting your essential dress shirt in a white or a light blue, two timeless colors that never go out of style. One you have your essentials you can start having a bit more fun with your dress shirts. Bolder colors or even patterns, but stick to classic patterns and avoid the crazy ones.

3) Blazer

A Blazer, when fitting properly, can broaden shoulders, trim your waist, and overall make you look great! It can be worn for casual situations or a more formal event. Wear it with jeans and a t shirt or a nice dress shirt. Try to find one in a weight you can wear all year long, one to help keep warm in cooler months and won’t make you overheat in the warmer months, There are many styles available, see what is trending, do some research but in the end, buy one that you feel good in and that you think you look good in.


4) Jeans

Jeans a a definite essential for your closet guys!. They can be dressed up or down, they go with almost anything and are great for day to day or certain occasions. For your essential jean, I would recommend a straight-leg. A straight-leg jeans is more versatile than the baggy or skinny variety. The right pair can be worn with a blazer and tie or a t shirt. Invest in a pair that fits you well, that you feel good in, and are comfy enough to wear often.

5) Suit

A nice, well fitting suit is a must have! They look professional for work, and are always good when going to a really nice dressy event. For your essential suit a navy or dark gray suit would be the most versatile. These colors are timeless and you will get a lot of use out of your suit. Be sure to get a suit that fits you well. For this item I would recommend going to the professionals and getting measured and advice. It will cost a bit more but it would be worth it and you would get your money’s worth out of the suit as long as you take care of it.


6) Cardigan or V-neck Sweaterv-neck sweater

A sweater or cardigan is great for a day that may be a little chilly, or perhaps your office is like working in Antarctica. A V-neck sweater is nice because if you wear it with a dress shirt or polo shirt, the shape gives space for the collar. Or you can choose a button up men’s cardigan. These are nothing like the cardigan’s I’m sure your picturing in your mind. Cardigan’s today come in a more modern slim fit that go with practically everything. No matter which type you choose, pick a darker color that goes with everything.

7) T-Shirt

Everyone needs a good t shirt. They are comfy and can be worn with just about anything! Dress it up with a blazer or rock a classic t shirt and jeans combo. There are many different styles, v-necks, crew necks, polos. Research, shop around, and find one that works for you. For your essential t shirt, maybe go with a color that goes with everything, or make this the bright and colorful piece of your closet. My only advice, stay away from t shirts with stupid or inappropriate slogans, images, anything! Stick to a blank or basic pattern t shirt.

I hope this post helps you start to build your adult and professional wardrobe guys!

Until next time!


7 Essential Clothing Pieces Every Girl Needs in Their Closet

As years pass our closets are constantly changing as new trends come out or our personal style changes. Items come and go, but there are some essential items that should always be present in your closet. Whether your just starting to build your wardrobe or are going through and improving it, these items should be the first things you look at.

Also, for you guys out there, I will make another essential clothing blog post just for you. Ladies first 🙂

1)The Little Black Dress

I know, we’ve all heard it before, that the little black dress, or LBD to some, is an important item for every women. Well, all of those people are right! This clothing essential can be dress up for a night out or special event, or can be dressed more casually for work. When looking for your dress, try and choose a style that suits you, and try to pick something that, no matter changes in trends, you can wear for a few years.

2)Denim Blue Jeansjeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. They can be dressed up, they can be dressed down and they go with almost anything! There are so many styles out there it won’t be to difficult to find that perfect pair. Be sure to pick a cut and style that flatters you. For your closet essential pair of jeans, I recommend getting a darker denim jean because they are more versatile then the lighter colors.

dress and cardigan

Cardigan and Little Black Dress

3)A Cardigan

A cardigan is a knitted sweater that either buttons or zippers in the front. These sweaters are cute, stylish and most importantly, warm. Let’s say you’re wearing a short sleeved blouse and skirt to work. It’s nice and warm outside but entering your office is like getting off of a plane during winter in the arctic circle. A nice cardigan will still look good, be work appropriate and will help keep warm in that frigid air conditioning. It can also help dress an outfit and more it more casual, like that little black dress you bought. For color, try and pick a color that goes with the majority of your wardrobe to start with, like black, white or gray, then you can expand with more colors.

4)A Blazer

blazer and jeans

A Girl with a blazer, nice shirt and light wash jeans

A blazer is a casual suit coat. Like other pieces I’ve already mentioned, the blazer can be worn casually or for a nice occasion. Wear it with a t shirt and jeans, or with a dress shirt and skirt. To get the most out of your blazer you’re going to have to find one that fits you perfectly, or get it fitted to your body. Another tip that is that your closet essential blazer should be black because then it would go with anything. Blazers are available in a lot of colors but black is a good basic to start with.

5)A Skirt

A nice skirt is a definite must in any woman’s closet, though the style or type of skirt is up to you. Everyone has a different body, so pick a skirt that fits your body and that you feel good in. For length, many others suggest and knee-length skirt for your basic essential and I agree. Skirts that hit right at or around your knee are typically the most flattering on all body shapes, as well as the most versatile. This is another item that can be casual or dressy. And again, a basic black skirt will be a great start, then branch out from there.

6)A Button-Down Shirt

A nice clean and crisp button-down shirt is another item that can be casual or dressed up. They are clean, fitted, and look professional. They can be tucked in or left out, depending on the outfit and your personal preferences. These button-downs come in every color of the rainbow and more. For your basic essential, I suggest white or very light colored shirt. If everything else in your closest is a neutral color, like black or gray, this shirt could be your pop of color. A basic white shirt is a great start though, you will never look bad in basic black and white. This is also another piece that you want to make sure fit’s you well, and be sure to buy a women’s shirt since they are more fitted than that similar looking shirt over in the men’s section.

7) A T Shirt

t shirt and jeans

A comfy, low-neck t shirt and jeans

The last item on my list is a nice t shirt. A nice basic t shirt that you can wear casually with those jeans, or maybe dress it up a little with dark jeans and a black blazer. If you get a nice basic t shirt, nothing fancy, it can be very versatile and well extremely comfy. You need something super casual that you can wear, but still look good in. I think a nice red or blue t shirt would look great on anyone. A t shirt I think is the one place where you can go away from our basic, neutral colors to start with. But a basic white t shirt would do the trick as well. Also, a t shirt is great for those lazy days when you don’t want to put on your nice clothes. A t shirt and jeans will be comfy, and still look nice

I’m sure you noticed that I suggested a lot of black and neutral colors for the above clothing pieces. That is because for a basic wardrobe, these pieces will go with anything and everything because they are a more neutral color. The closet essentials are meant to be the starting point, the pieces that you can build on. After buying everything in basic neutrals, start expanding and playing with pops of color in your outfits.

Until next time!