8831 J. America - Custom Colored Laces in Orange front view
8831 J. America - Custom Colored Laces in Orange front view

8831 J. America - Custom Colored Laces SKU: 8831

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8831 J. America - Custom Colored Laces are a great way to personalize your style with your team, holiday or just your favorite colors. Made from 100% polyester and available in multiple eye-catching colors, it’s easy to find something that suits you. The laces measure 32” in length and feature a non-tear away tag for easy identification of the product without damaging the lace itself.

These stylish JA8831 laces are perfect for DIY projects or can be used for branding or resale purposes as they offer bulk pricing discounts with no account necessary to purchase them! This makes these laces an economical choice when you need to purchase large quantities at once while still maintaining quality and affordability.

The 8831JA is also flexible enough that it won’t become brittle with age like other materials, ensuring long lasting use without any damage or breakage over time. Additionally, its color will stay true even after washing so there's no need to worry about fading away over time or exposure to sunlight. It also coordinates perfectly with styles such as; J America Style# 8830 , 8883 , 8430 & 8231 so creating consistent looks within collections is simpler than ever before!

Q: What type of fabric is the JA8831 made out of?
A: The JA8831 laces are made from 100% Polyester material which provides flexibility and longevity while remaining soft and comfortable against skin contact areas during wear .
Q: Does this product feature tear away tags?
A: No! The 8831J America Lace features a non-tearaway tag for easier identification without any damage occurring on the actual lace itself.. Q: Do I need an account in order to receive bulk discounts?

A: Absolutely not! Bulk pricing discounts don't require accounts in order to purchase them making these custom colored laces more affordable than ever before for larger orders up front

J America 8831 Specs and Measurements

SizesBody WidthLengthWidth
One Size.62532".625
Alternate Skus:







32 Nylon lace/piece; White ticking on all except for red/white/royal, white silver, and black silver; 5/8 Plastic tips at ends; Coordinates with 8830, 8833, 8430, and 8231; 32 inch length x .625 inch width
32" nylon lace with white ticking (unless otherwises noted  5/8" Plastic tips at ends Coordinates with 8830, 8833, 8430, 8231

Note: Red/White/Royal, White/Silver and Black/Silver laces are solid (no white ticking)

32" in lengthSold individuallyCan be used in conjunction with styles 8231, 8694, 8830, 8832 & 8833

32" Nylon laces | Accent ticking | 5/8" plastic tips at end
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