Decoration Only

The below-listed manufacturers require decoration for all products sold through blankstyle.com. You will be unable to checkout without adding decoration.

This policy is mandated by the manufacturer and is out of blankstyle.com's control. We understand that you may be a decorator. Please consider our low decoration prices as a possibility for outsourcing your decoration services. We can ship blind to your customer upon request. If this does not work for you, there are many manufacturers who do not require us to decorate the product and have excellent product line selections. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need comparable suggestions.

  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Carhartt
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Marmot
  • New Era
  • Nike
  • Oakley
  • Ogio
  • Travis Mathew


Missing Goods

Blank Orders

Do not be alarmed if you receive a package that does not contain your entire order. It is likely you will receive the balance of your order within the next few days. You can check tracking by logging into your account.

It is our goal to ensure you receive everything you ordered accurately and in a timely fashion. Claims for missing goods must be made within 30 days from the date you placed your order. We are unable to investigate claims for missing goods after 30 days.

If you elect to ship your goods to a third party, such as a decorator, rather than receive them yourself, and a dispute arises regarding missing or incorrectly shipped goods within the allotted thirty days, we will do our best to investigate. It is important to note that if the order is sent to a third party and the tracking details show the packages as delivered successfully to that third party, you will be responsible for sorting out any missing packages with your third party as Blankstyle cannot be held responsible for how a third party handles your order. The resolution will be determined based on our shipping records.

Decoration Orders

If you believe your blankstyle.com decoration order is missing goods above and beyond the allowable shortage, you should follow the instructions listed below to create a missing goods claim.


Visit your order history page. View your order history then click on the order for which you are missing goods. Click on report missing items and then fill out the form.

Please be sure to include ALL MISSING GOODS on your missing goods claim. We are only able to investigate one missing goods claim per order.


Lost Packages

Shipping carriers are up to 99% error-free in delivering however there are occasionally packages that are lost prior to or after delivery. We know that receiving the merchandise you ordered is of the utmost importance. When a package is lost in transit we will take all necessary steps to help locate and deliver the missing package as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that blankstyle.com cannot be held responsible for delays caused by acts of God or the shipping carrier. If you have an important date to meet shipping is a risk you take in meeting that date.

Lost packages happen for a couple of reasons and as such have unique resolutions.

Lost in transit

Occasionally due to sorting errors, inclement weather, or simple misplacement packages are lost by the carrier. In these cases, the tracking number will generally indicate an “exception” with notes as to why the package has not been delivered. Generally, these packages are eventually found and delivered.

What we will do:

We will open an investigation with UPS which takes 7-10 days to complete. The carrier typically will find and deliver your package within this timeframe. In the case your package is not found we will either refund you or replace your order.

What you can do:

  • Check with your neighbors as sometimes packages are mistakenly delivered next door.
  • File a police report. (This may be necessary if the carrier is unable to validate your claim)
  • Contact your credit card company with the police report as many purchases are covered under a buyer’s protection plan free of charge.


Instances of porch piracy are on the rise.

Porch piracy refers to your packages being successfully delivered and then subsequently stolen. This is a case of theft and not the fault of blankstyle.com or the shipping carrier and we recommend you contact your local police and report the theft immediately. There are a few things we will attempt on your behalf and a few things you can do on your own.

If your shipping location may be at risk for porch piracy please request to sign for your package in order comments at checkout.

What you can do:

  • Check with your neighbors as sometimes packages are mistakenly delivered next door.
  • File a police report. (This may be necessary if the carrier is unable to validate your claim)
  • Contact your credit card company with the police report as many purchases are covered under a buyer’s protection plan free of charge.

What we will do:

We will file a claim with the carrier and attempt to retrieve credit for the stolen package. If successful we will refund you. Resolution times for these types of claims can be lengthy. Because these packages have typically been delivered by the carrier, there are no guarantees we will be successful in obtaining this credit.

We know that you may be working on a tight deadline with no time to wait for the investigative process to complete. Unfortunately because oftentimes lost packages are found and delivered during the investigative process we cannot simply send you out a replacement order at no charge while the investigation progresses.

We can help out by waiving ground shipping on a replacement order and we can return the original order free of charge if it ends up being found and delivered.

Shipping carriers do occasionally require a signature for delivery based on the driver's discretion. If this happens most carriers will leave you notice of attempted delivery and a method for retrieving your package before returning the package undeliverable. A driver's discretion to require a signature from the recipient is out of blankstyle.com's control, packages returned undeliverable fall under the blankstyle.com Undeliverable Orders policy.

Undeliverable Orders

Undeliverable orders will not be re-shipped to you and will be processed as a return. A store credit or a refund will be issued so that you can re-order. Costs associated with the return may be deducted from your refund.



Free Shipping

Free shipping applies to all domestic orders as follows. Orders shipping outside of the 48 contiguous US states do not fall under the blankstyle.com Domestic shipping policy and therefore are not eligible for free shipping.

Blank Orders

Shipments over $99 qualify for free shipping. Your shopping cart contents will automatically be broken into the fewest number of shipments possible. Depending on location and availability one order could include more than one shipment.

Decoration Orders

Decoration orders ship UPS ground for FREE.

Shipping Charges

In order to provide the widest selection of quality blank apparel, we ship out of many different warehousing locations. Depending on where the items you are purchasing are warehoused you may have more than one shipment per order. If your order is being split into shipments, it's because the items are not available at the same warehouse. You will be charged shipping on each of those shipments under $99. We are unable to guarantee items ship together.

Shipping Time Frames

Your order will be broken down with both shipping and delivery estimates in the shopping cart. You will be emailed a tracking number as soon as one is available. Keep in mind your order may ship from more than one location. Tracking for each shipment will be made available within your account as they go out.

Estimated dates for delivery will be provided during checkout and are based on the items you have in the shopping cart, your zip code, and average transit times provided by shipping carriers. Delivery dates are NOT guaranteed.


Domestic orders ship Ground via UPS, USPS, or other Courier, International orders ship UPS or USPS.


If the timeline indicated in your shopping cart does not meet your deadline, please give us a call at 866.792.5265 and we will go over your options based on the contents of your order.


Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping includes all of the Contiguous United States and specifically excludes all outlying states or territories including but not limited to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

International Shipping

For our purposes, International shipping includes all foreign countries, outlying states, and territories of the United States including but not limited to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or APO or FPO not within the 48 contiguous US states.


We are happy to provide international shipping for our decoration customers. At this time we do not ship blank orders internationally, however, you may choose to utilize a USA-based freight forwarder to have your blank goods shipped to and forwarded to your address outside the continental USA.


International orders are shipped USPS priority mail. Shipping charges and delivery estimates will be provided at checkout.

Direct Ship/ Mill & Manufacturer Direct

Because we offer the widest selection of garments and products from various brands, some of our brands will ship directly from the manufacturer, all without the hassle of needing to set up a wholesale account with Blankstyle or the manufacturer. These Direct Ship products will always be displayed as such via their respective icon on the product page as well as displayed within the shopping cart. Because we have no control over how quickly the manufacturer will process and ship your order, you can expect a processing time of 3 days and up to 7 business days to receive your Direct Ship order. Direct Ship orders are typically shipped independently of other shipments within your order and may be Final Sale. Please check the product page to view if the Direct Ship item is also marked as Final Sale.


Decoration Services

At blankstyle.com we offer three main methods of decoration. Embroidery, Screen printing, and Direct to Garment printing. To add a decoration select "Add Decoration" from inside the shopping cart. You will be prompted for a small amount of information related to your order and subsequently, a quote from which you can checkout will generate.

Proofing policies

As a standard procedure, we will send you a proof for approval within 24-48 hours from the time payment is made, and prior to decoration. The proof we send you will reflect the actual artwork that will be decorated. Artwork is proofed to scale on virtual garments that are proportionate to your actual garments ordered. We will come as close as we can to matching the decorated garments to the approved virtual mock-up. Due to decoration tolerances, and garment variance, both in size, color, and construction, artwork size and location may vary on your finished product.

You will need to closely inspect the proof we provide, as it is representative of the artwork used in decoration. If you want to make changes to artwork sizing, please note the dimensions shown on the proof, and request dimensional changes. If you want to specify artwork color please do so in solid coated Pantone colors. If you do not specify Pantones we will do our best to match the colors in your design to a Pantone color. Keep in mind most monitors are not color corrected and therefore will not accurately or uniformly display colors. If you need your decoration to reflect a specific shade of color please reference a Pantone book prior to specifying a Pantone color. We allow you to print the same logo on multiple garments or color versions of the same garment within the same decoration run! If you elect to take advantage of this unique opportunity, you also must be aware that any one Pantone may print in a slightly different shade depending on the color of the garment it is printed on.

We will not start the decoration process until we receive your written proof of approval. Your written proof approval is your agreement to the artwork shown in the colors specified within tolerance as sized and shown on the proofed garment.

Top of Production Samples

If you feel a virtual mock-up is not satisfactory, and prefer to be exact with regards to your design on specific garments, we can provide you with a top-of-production sample. Add the garment you would like to sample to your shopping cart select the decoration you would like to complete from the drop-down in the shopping cart. You will be priced according to the number of pieces in your shopping cart. Screenprint orders under 24 pieces are priced as sample orders, Embroidery orders under 12 pieces are priced as sample orders, Direct to garment orders under 6 pieces are priced as sample orders.

Processing Time Frames

At checkout, we will provide you with delivery estimates along with expedited shipping options. Decoration orders typically take from 5-7 business days in process. We ship UPS ground as a standard method which can take an additional 1-5 days depending on your location. If you have an important date you need to meet and don't see an option to meet that date at checkout, please leave us an order comment and we will get back to you with options. By standard practice, we will do everything we can to accommodate your deadline without charging you anything additional. However, if processing time has to be less than five days, there may be a rush fee associated, and if shipping needs to expedited in order to reach you in time there may be expedited shipping charges.

Rush Processing

If we agree to rush your order, we will do our best to ensure the order reaches you by your need date. We guarantee you will receive your goods by your in-hand need date or we will refund your rush processing. Because of the shortened production time, it is critical that we are able to contact you at any time between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm pacific standard time. Please let us know if you have a preferred email address or phone number we should be using. Each time we attempt to reach you without success, and every day we wait for approval after providing a proof your order may be delayed up to one business day. If for any reason the order does not deliver by your need date you will be refunded the rush fees but not the shipping fees. Decoration orders are non-cancelable non-returnable regardless of the date they deliver.

Artwork Policies

By standard practice, we will work with whatever art you provide to make it print-ready free of charge. If art is not in vector format or if the request is complex, we offer a graphics service for $60/hr. A standard logo takes roughly a half hour's work to fully vector for print. Under standard policy color separation for print is provided free of charge however if the artwork is complex there may be separation charges. We will never charge you for artwork without first reaching out for approval.

Printing Methods

There are many different screenprint processes that require the use of different inks to create a specific look or feel. Unless otherwise specified we print using a plastisol-based ink. If you would like to create a certain look or feel or have a question about what your finished products will look or feel like using different ink mediums, please ask a representative for suggestions. When you receive your proof if you have elected to use any ink other than plastisol, that proof should specify the ink you are using prior to your approval. If you approve a proof that does not specify an ink medium, you are approving a plastisol print. Keep in mind inks other than plastisol may be an additional charge.

Decoration Tolerances

We will attempt to match coloring according to solid coated Pantones or thread color. We will size and place according to the approved mockup. Custom garment decoration is not an exact science, placement and image size may vary by up to one-half inch garment to garment, and coloring may vary by one-half shade run to run. In addition due to differences in equipment, ink, threads, and fabric designs can vary slightly in appearance run to run. This is especially true when re-printing on different garment types or colors.

We cannot guarantee a perfect match to a previous run under any circumstance. We will however attempt to match a previous garment by adjusting during the decoration process if we are made aware in advance and if the garment we are matching is provided for reference. Decorations within tolerance will not be considered defective.

Direct To Garment Printing

We offer Direct to Garment printing as an effective solution for our customers who would like to produce a small number of shirts. This process is especially effective when printing lots of color. In traditional screen printing a screen must be burned per color printed and at $20 plus dollars per screen, fixed prices add up fast making most high color small run jobs unaffordable. Although Direct to garment is a great alternative to screen printing there are a couple of drawbacks.

  • The machine's color profile dictates the colors printed much like your desktop inkjet printer it is impossible for us to match colors exactly, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee color tone or shade.
  • Unlike screen printing higher quantities do not make the Direct to garment process more efficient. For this reason, as quantities raise over forty-eight pieces screen printing becomes the more cost-effective option.
  • Because the printer uses highly sensitive water-based inks, digital printing has different results on different fabric types and colors. White garments have the best results with dark garments having the worst. Garment colors other than white must be one hundred percent cotton. Varied garment colors or fabric make-ups will lead to varied print results.


For orders over 100 pieces, there is a shortage allowance of 2% for mis-decorations and/or manufacturer's defects. You will be credited to your original payment method for garments that are not delivered.

It is our goal to ensure you are completely satisfied in a timely manner! It is your responsibility to check your goods against your order upon receipt. If you believe you are missing garments from your order please open a Missing Goods Claim. If you believe your goods were misprinted or are otherwise defective in excess of the allowable tolerance, please open a defective goods claim.

Claims must be open within seven days of receiving your order. Unfortunately, because we have limited time to reprint, if you do not open the claim within the seven-day time frame allowed we may be unable to investigate your claim.

If we find that your goods are not within Print Tolerance, and were misprinted, we will reprint your garments to spec at no additional charge to you. In order to qualify for a reprint, you may be required to provide us with the misprinted garments.

Examples of form fit and function that you may not be satisfied with but may not necessarily be considered defective include, size and color variation, sticky zippers, and loose buttons. We will do everything we can to investigate and remedy defective goods claims when they are brought to our attention.

Print Re-Orders

You can easily create a Print Re-Order from any past order by going to your account and clicking the re-order link. Due to variances in the embellishment process, if it is important that colors match exactly on your Re-Order you must provide us with a garment from your initial run to match. This is relevant and important whether or not you are re-creating a garment printed with blankstyle.com or one that you initially printed elsewhere. If you do not provide us a garment to match we will match Pantones on the approved mock-up.

Garment Pricing

Tiered pricing is based on your total cart value. As you add items to your cart and reach tiered discount thresholds your price per item will drop in your shopping cart and the difference will be applied as a discount to your order total. In order to provide the largest possible selection, we list over thirty-five hundred products for sale! We list our products based on pricing provided to us by our manufacturers. Because there are so many products available and because pricing fluctuates weekly, occasionally the listed price is not accurate. If pricing is not accurate for a product you have on order we will notify you of the price change prior to processing your credit card and we will give you the option to cancel your order.

Coupon Usage

Coupon discounts are only valid on regularly priced merchandise, and cannot be combined with additional offers or sales.



We Accept

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover®,
  • AMEX®
  • Check - We can enable your account for pay by check if you ask us. 866.792.5265
  • Wire Transfers. Wire transfers for orders less than $1000.00 USD are subject to a $25 USD wire transfer fee.
  • Pay Pal®
    • As a security measure for your own protection against fraud, Paypal dictates that Blankstyle is only able to ship to the verified shipping address associated to your Paypal account. 
    • If you need to ship an order to a different address, it must first be changed in Paypal or you may check out with a credit card.
    • We will ship to the paypal address you select at checkout. If you have moved and select an old address we will likely be unable to make a change to the delivery and all costs associated including replacing the unretrievable package will be your responsibility. 
    • Please only select paypal addresses at checkout you have access to. 



Your card may be declined for one of two reasons:

Straight Decline: Funds are not available at the time the card is attempted
  • What to expect: We will reach out to you and make you aware of the issue and continue to attempt the card. If we are successful we will ship your order.

AVS Mismatch: The billing address you submitted does not match the billing address on file with your bank. This could be as simple as a formatting error.

  • What to expect: Each time your card is attempted and the address match system fails, your bank will remove the money from your account as a pending authorization and set it aside for our system to capture. It may look like your card was charged more than once. These pending authorizations will be released by your bank usually within twenty-four hours.

    You should contact your bank and ensure the address they have on file is accurate.

    If for any reason we are unable to match the addresses a three-way call to the bank is an option to resolve. As soon as we are able to successfully match your address and accept one of the pending authorizations we will ship your merchandise.


It is our goal to leave you completely satisfied with your purchase. For that reason, we have a process for claims and returns. Due to limitations outside of our control, there are certain time frames that must be met

If you decide to chargeback your order we will pursue the order balance along with all fees incurred through collections and you will forfeit your right to a claim.


Defective Claims

Examples of defects include holes, tears, or marks large enough to be considered outside tolerance as defined by Manufacturer Specifications, Stitching in the wrong place, unclosed seams, Missing buttons, and broken zippers. Form fit and function variation are not necessarily defects and may be up to the individual manufacturer to determine.

Examples of form fit and function that you may not be satisfied with but may not necessarily be considered defective include, size and color variation, sticky zippers, and loose buttons. We will do everything we can to investigate and remedy defective goods claims when they are brought to our attention.

Blank Orders

If you believe your goods are outside of Manufacturer Specifications and could be considered defective, please follow the instructions listed below. Unfortunately, we are unable to investigate defective claims after garments have been altered, washed, or worn.

Print Orders

If you had your goods decorated with blankstyle.com, and you believe your order contains manufacturer defects or misprints in excess of the allowable Print Tolerances, please follow the instructions below.


Claims for defective garments must be made within 7 days from the date you receive your order. We are unable to investigate claims for defective garments after 7 days. To initiate a defective garments claim please visit your Order History click on the order containing the defective item/s select report defective items from the drop down, fill out and submit the form.

Depending on the circumstance we may require you to return the defective garments.



Initiate a return from your Order History page. Be sure to include ALL ITEMS you’d like to return as blankstyle.com only authorizes one return per order. Upon receipt of your return request, we will email you a Return Authorization number along with instructions to correctly complete your return.

Returns must be authorized by blankstyle.com. Items sent back without authorization, or not according to instruction will not be eligible for refund or store credit. Return requests must be made within 14 days from the order receipt or the return may be refused. Authorized returns must be shipped according to blankstyle.com's instructions within 30 days of receipt.

Please provide a tracking number for returned merchandise within 7 days from receiving a Return Authorization so that we can expeditiously track restock and credit your account.

In the interest of providing the largest selection of blank garments available anywhere, we ship from many warehouses across the country. Because of this complexity, we do not offer exchanges. Instead, we offer a refund or store credit to repurchase upon receipt of goods being returned.

Orders that ship Manufacturer Direct as indicated on the product page are non-returnable. Orders shipped outside of the continental united states are non-returnable. Discounted or special rate orders are not eligible for refunds. Because we are unable to re-stock and sell decorated, altered, worn, or washed garments will not be authorized for return.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

If you received free shipping on an order you are returning, the cost to ship you the goods initially will be deducted from your refund or store credit.

Your refund or credit will not be issued until your return is received and fully processed. 

Returns are typically processed within 10-14 days after receipt. Due to increased volume, our warehouses are experiencing added delays in processing returned packages. Please allow up to four weeks from the date your return is received at our warehouse(s) to receive your refund or credit.


Restocking Fees

Refunds may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 15%, store credit may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 5%. In most cases, blankstyle.com will authorize returns; however, we reserve the right not to authorize returns.

Manufacturer Specifications

It is up to the individual customer to verify manufacturer sizing, form fit, and function. We do our best to represent garments through specs and pictures oftentimes provided by our manufacturers. Variation in garment color texture or size is common within each SKU and size. There are other tolerances in manufacturing which may include small variances in thread color that can appear like small discolorations, small tears or holes smaller than a pin head, or loose threads near seams. This is the nature of the apparel world and it is completely out of our control.

If you believe your garments are outside of manufacturer specification and have not yet been printed or otherwise decorated you can open a Defective Claim. We will do our best to evaluate the claim along with your order history and if we believe the product is defective outside manufacturer specification we will offer you an appropriate resolution in line with returning or replacing the defective product. We reserve the right to evaluate each claim and all claims presented to determine whether or not the defect would be considered tolerable. 

If your goods are not found to be defective, have not been printed or otherwise decorated, and you are unhappy with the manufacturer specifications or the tolerances you can return the goods by following instructions in our Return Policy.

If you decorate your garments with us and it is determined that a portion or all of your garments are out of manufacturer spec, we can offer you one of the following

  • A credit towards a re-order
  • A refund for the out-of-spec products.

Unfortunately due to manufacturing constraints in most cases, we are unable to replace the product.


Cancellations or changes

Decoration Order Cancellations

We strive to deliver with the maximum efficiency and speed possible. For this reason the moment you checkout we ship your blank apparel to our decoration facility and begin the process of setting up our machines in preparation for production. Once the production process has begun it will not be possible to cancel your decoration order. Decoration orders canceled after checkout may be subject to a 25% cancellation fee to cover the cost of artwork, return shipping, and setup costs associated.

Blank Order Cancellations

At Blankstyle.com we do everything we can to ship as soon as possible after we receive your order. For this reason, we are rarely able to change or cancel an order after it has been placed. Order changes or cancellations can only be made prior to your order being sent to the warehouse for picking. In the interest of speed, most orders are processed automatically and are sent to the warehouse within minutes, so the window of opportunity to change or cancel your order is very short.


Blankstyle.com reserves the right to cancel your order prior to charging your credit card and in these cases, you will be notified.


Backorders - Out of Stock

Occasionally items ordered will be out of stock or on "backorder". Under Standard policy, Blankstyle does not backorder. Backorders are part of this industry; however, Blankstyle will not hold you responsible for these unavailable items.

In the interest of speed, and to minimize any delay on your order, we will remove the out-of-stock item(s), notify you via email, and continue processing your order. Because of this, we are unable to make substitutions on out-of-stock items.

Rest assured as your credit card will only be charged for the available items. If your credit card has already been charged, a refund will be issued within seven business days from the date of the out-of-stock notification.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy and security are important to Blankstyle. Blankstyle.com uses SSL encryption technology that works with most internet browsers in order to ensure that only Authorize.net can read a customer's personal information. The information we maintain in your customer file is used for customer service resolutions. We do not sell or license any personal information about you to a third party. Click Privacy Policy to read more about how we use and protect your information. 

Sales Tax

Sales tax is calculated in the shopping cart based on your shipping address if applicable. If you are a tax-exempt wholesale buyer or should not be charged tax for any other reason and you notice sales tax being calculated in the shopping cart, please list your reason under order comments and we will further instruct you as to what needs to be done so as to qualify for tax exemption.


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