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Spacecraft Collective Logo

The Origin of Spacecraft Collective

The inception of Spacecraft occurred when a captivating photograph was taken at the base of an Alpental backcountry run—a photo that would become the cornerstone of the brand. This iconic snowcat logo, synonymous with Spacecraft, has since embodied the brand's essence and commitment to exploration.

Spacecraft's roots run deep, originating in the breathtaking Cascades and flourishing amidst the stunning landscapes of Bali. The brand's core philosophy has always revolved around the spirit of adventure, a concept that continues to shape its identity. Spacecraft encourages individuals to embark on journeys of wandering, creation, exploration, and continued wandering.

A Platform for Art and Culture

Beyond crafting exceptional headwear, Spacecraft has become a platform for artistic and cultural expressions. They channel their creative energy into producing a diverse range of products, from stickers and t-shirt designs to beanies, caps, wallets, belts, and an assortment of innovative accessories, all inspired by their rich culture and global network of friends. Every item serves as a deliberate means of communication, aiming to ignite positive change and inspire transformation.

Yet, Spacecraft's impact transcends the world of fashion and merchandise. Their involvement in galleries and collaborations across the globe underscores their unwavering commitment to effecting meaningful change. Spacecraft isn't merely a brand; it's a movement—a conduit for artistic expression, cultural exchange, and driving change for the better.

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