EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie PACIFIC front view
EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie PACIFIC front view

EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie SKU: EC7040

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EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie
The EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie is an organic cotton beanie designed for DIY projects, resale, and branding purposes. It features a durable sweater knit rib construction that provides extra warmth without excess weight and makes it ideal for winter weather conditions such as snow and cold temperatures. This stylish beanie also has an adjustable fit with a tear away tag that allows you to customize its size easily. The fabric makeup consists of 100% organic cotton so you know it's going to be comfortable no matter the climate or situation!

This classic timeless style of the EC7040 econscious beanie will never go out of fashion so your clients will have years of wear from this quality accessory without having to worry about constantly replacing them! Plus, because Blankstyle offers bulk pricing on this item there's no need for an account – just simply order what you need when you need it at great prices!

What material does the EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie consist of?
The EC7040 econscious Organic Beanie consists of 100% organic cotton fabric which is breathable yet warm allowing you to stay comfortable even during colder temperatures outside.

Is the tag tear away on this beanie?
Yes, the tag on the EC7040 econscious Organic Beanies are tear away making customization easy if needed while still providing support wherever desired with its adjustable fit design.

Does Blankstyle offer any discounts on bulk purchases?
Yes, Blankstyle offers discounted prices when purchasing in bulk so if looking for more than one piece then look no further than blankstyle.com where there’s absolutely no account necessary to take advantage of these savings!

econscious EC7040 Specs and Measurements

SizesBody WidthHat Band
One Size919
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100% organic cotton fiber; Sweater knit rib, solid colors; Double-layer knit rib; 9 length; Tear away label; Manufactured in a WRAP certified factory