L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket Denim front view
L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket Denim front viewL7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket Denim back view

L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket SKU: L7620

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L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket is a classic fashioned denim jacket that has been updated with modern fit and improved wash treatment. This basic but stylish piece of apparel offers the perfect balance between comfort, style, and durability. It features a 3.75 ounce stonewashed indigo fabric with two button-through flap chest pockets, front pockets, and bronze buttons for added detailing. The relaxed look of this denim jacket makes it ideal for any casual or work environment giving you a fashionable option without sacrificing mobility or comfortability.

At BlankStyle.com, customers can purchase the L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket in bulk at discounted prices which require no account to receive discounts on larger orders over 6 pieces! This makes it easy to buy large quantities of the same garment at an affordable price – perfect for those looking for DIY projects or resale outlets wishing to brand their own clothing line using this timeless classic silhouette with contemporary accents!

Q: Is this jacket true to size?
A: Yes! The L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jacket fits true to size according your normal measurements and will provide you with an overall comfortable fit without being too baggy or restrictive when worn properly.

Q: Is there a tear away tag?
A: Yes! Each individual garment comes outfitted with its own tear away tag so that you can customize each piece individually depending on what kind of distribution channel you’re utilizing whether it be retail stores or online shop outlets where having custom tags would be beneficial from both marketing & branding standpoints as well as customer satisfaction levels due to better product presentation upon delivery/arrival .

Q: What type of fabric is used in making these jackets?
A: The L7620 Port Authority® Ladies Denim Jackets are made using 100% stonewashed indigo denim giving them their signature washed-out appearance while also providing users with great durability & breathability regardless how much use they put into wearing & washing them over time!

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We took the classic denim jacket and reworked it into a figure-flattering style for her with a more modern fit, improved wash treatment and bronze buttons. | 13.75-ounce, 100% garment washed indigo denim Two button-through flap chest pockets Button cuffs Front pockets