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Adult Premium Wholesale Heavyweight T-shirt Cotton SKU: M1200

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This Adult premium Heavyweight T-shirt is perfect for any DIY or private label project calling for that heavy weight look at a lightweight price. These Wholesale blank Heavyweight tees are constructed with heavy weight 6 oz ring-spun fabric that not only feels sturdy but also soft. With a premium look and feel, the M1200 comes in seven popular colors, making it easy to customize and stand out from the crowd. Bulk pricing options make it easier than ever to buy in large quantities at incredibly low wholesale prices – plus no account is necessary when purchasing these quality tees. Now you can get all of the benefits of heavy weight wholesale t-shirts without breaking the bank!

This industry leading t-shirt will redefine all other heavy weight t-shirts in terms of comfort and superior printability. Whether you’re creating one-of-a-kind garments with unique artwork or simply need a durable shirt to display your brand logo, this versatile tee has you covered. The tag on this smart blank is tear away for added convenience during printing projects, so there are no worries about having an uncomfortable tag sticking through after finalizing your design on paper or screen printing onto the fabric itself. From daily wear apparel to special occasion gifts, This Heavy Weight blank shirt offers incredible value for bulk orders.

This cost effective product line has been designed especially for businesses who need high quality shirts at incredibly low prices – now they can get just that! Visit Blankstyle.com today and find out how these amazing Heavyweight T-shirts can bring your creative vision to life while saving time and money in comparison to other name brand products offered elsewhere online or retail stores near you!

Q: What is six pack and what does that mean? Why does the pricing look high for one piece?
A: This product is meant for bulk purchase only which means that for every qty one you order you will receive a six pack. the pricing is based on six pieces not one piece.

Q: What type of material is used in Smart Blanks M1200?
A: The Smart Blanks M1200 Adult Prem Heavy WT SS Tee is made from 6oz ring spun cotton fabric which provides excellent durability as well as a comfortable fit and feel against skin while wearing it long term throughout the day..

Q: Is there an account required when purchasing these shirts?
A: No account necessary - customers have accesss to great bulk pricing without needing an account set up ahead of time on blankstyle.com

Q: Where can I purchase this item?
A: You can purchase this item directly from Blankstyle's website (blankstyle.com)

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We believe this t-shirt will redefine all heavy weight tees in the industry. Constructed with our premium ring-spun 6 oz. fabric, the sturdy yet soft feel creates a style that provides comfort and superior printability.

12 per pack/48pcs. in a box

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