DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap in Saddle/ camo front view
DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap in Saddle/ camo front viewDRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap in Saddle/ camo back view

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Perfect your DIY or branding project with our tailor-made DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap. Fashioned from 100% polyester pique knit material, this unique cap doubles up as a platform for expressing your creativity and uniqueness. Its superior style and quality are unmatched, providing an unparalleled canvas for your creative branding ideas. Be it printing your organization's logo, applying patches or engaging in detailed embroidery, this cap offers the best partner in your branding ventures and personal DIY tasks.

Featuring a 100% polyester mesh back, DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap guarantees unprecedented breathability and first-class moisture-wicking capacity. No matter the kind of environment you find yourself in, you can trust this cap to keep your head cool and dry, courtesy of the included moisture-wicking sweatband. Beyond utility, this cap doesn't compromise on design, featuring six-panel, mid-profile structure and adorned with a pre-curved camo visor. It promises unmatched comfort and style, making it a fitting accessory on the sunny beach, in the bustling city or during hard outdoor work.

DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap is all you need in your quest for versatility. The plastic snapback feature ensures the cap easily adjusts to fit numerous sizes, offering unmatched comfort and a pinch of style. It's a cap designed with functionality, practicality, and personal expression in mind, crafted to be a reliable companion for your DIY and branding projects.


1. Crafted from 100% Polyester pique knit
2. Back constituted of 100% Polyester mesh for enhanced breathability
3. Features a six-panel, mid-profile design structure
4. Sports a pre-curved camo visor
5. Incorporates moisture-wicking sweatband
6. Adjustable plastic snapback for comprehensive fit


Q: Can the cap be customized for branding initiatives?
A: Definitely! The unfussy design of the DRI DUCK 3358 Pique Trucker Cap makes it the ideal format for logo printing or embroidery in branding activities.

Q: How should I clean and maintain the cap?
A: To best maintain the cap, refer to the manufacturer's specific care instructions. However, spot cleaning with gentle detergent and air drying is the general recommendation to prolong its quality.

Q: Does the cap support a one-size-fits-all system?
A: Although the cap may not fit all head sizes perfectly, the accompanying adjustable plastic snapback ensures it comfortably fits a wide range of sizes.

DRI DUCK 3358 Specs and Measurements

SizesMeasurementsSizes (us)Hat SizingNumerical Sizes
One SizeHat size: 6.625 - 7.375OSFM6.625 - 7.375OSFM
AdjustableHat size: 6.625 - 7.375OSFM6.625 - 7.375OSFM
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100% polyester pique knit 100% polyester mesh backStructured, six-panel, mid-profile Pre-curved camo visor Moisture-management sweatband Plastic snapback closure
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