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SP20 Sportsman  - Peruvian Tassel Hat -

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SP20 Sportsman - Peruvian Tassel Hat - is a classic winter accessory that is perfect for DIY, branding, or simply keeping warm in the cold months. This two-tone hat offers a unique look with its 100% polyester construction and microfleece lining. The braided tassels provide an extra bit of style to make it stand out from the crowd. Not only does this versatile piece provide warmth but it can also be used for personalization and decoration as well; making it ideal for small business owners or large companies alike. With its tear away labels, you can easily customize the SP20 Sportsman - Peruvian Tassel Hat -with your own logo embroidery or iron-on patches.

This stylish yet functional headpiece comes in one size that fits most adults and teens comfortably thanks to its adjustable Velcro closure at the back of the cap. The low profile design makes it easy to layer with other hats or hoods while still looking great on its own. Whether you’re in need of some extra warmth on those chilly days or just want something unique to accessorize your outfit, you’ll be sure to appreciate all that this quality cap has to offer!

For those looking to purchase bulk purchases of this item then blankstyle.com is your one stop shop as they offer discounted prices when ordering large quantities so no account necessary! That means everyone can take advantage of their amazing deals without having any special membership requirements! These caps are perfect for reselling at a craft market stand, giving away as promotional giveaways, stocking up an online store – whatever you have planned these wholesale blank SP20 Sportsman - Peruvian Tassel Hat will help make it happen quickly and cost effectively!

Q: What fabric makeup does the SP20 Sportsman - Peruvian Tassel Hat have?
A: The SP20 Sportsman - Peruvian Tassel Hat consists of 100% polyester material with a microfleece lining and braided tassels for added detail and style.

Q: Does Blankstyle offer discounts when purchasing bulk orders?
A: Yes! No account necessary either – simply visit blankstyle website where they specialize in offering discounted prices when ordering larger quantity items such as this one..

Q: Is there an adjustable closure?

A: Yes; there is an adjustable Velcro closure at the back which allows most adults & teens sizes can fit comfortably inside this hat without having too much tightness around their heads

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100% acrylic8" knitMicrofleece liningBraided tassels
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